I Wrote This Part 2

This one is a bit different, please disregard grammar, spelling and such. I didn't want to change anything, and I am a bit too lazy to participate in spell check, so I simply copied and pasted. I was never too bothered with spell/grammar check.



I believe.


I believe in humans; I believe we are all the same.

Contrary to what most people believe, I believe this is the most vital, if not the toughest, human success we could possibly have.

There have been many humans taking sides in the past, present and probably even in the future. Every human being lives with reasoning. The reasoning differentiates simply because every human experiences doubt, fear and solitude. Every human being has moments in which it questions its habitat. This is highly influenced by circumstance and emotion. I don’t believe it would be a problem for humans as a whole to accept these psychological differences and simply remain neutral in confrontations. We have gone through centuries of differences, issues, separation. Humans have never as a whole; world wide that is, come together and formed one team. I can see that this generation is throwing a lot of effort into this particular cause, but I don’t believe any of it will result in the actual success thereof. I believe this because even so, with all the effort, the real meaning of this cause is not properly transmitted and/or received. We are all still justifying ourselves with supposed higher knowledge. Because we are so determined to believe that we are not the highest authority, we keep defending ourselves with higher power (s).

Does anyone realize that every bit of information is our information? I mean, is it really so hard to believe that all those ideas we have come up with are our ideas? There was no outside source, and even if you choose to believe there was, you are still the receiver. What have we all learned about receivers? Receivers receive information, but we also believe that there is a whole lot of that and not everything gets through. This leaves reason to believe that even if you had an outside source, what you received is exactly what you could or chose to receive. So again, all those ideas are OURS. There is no reason to stand behind a shade, if you believe something can be done, then you are the maker; you are the creator of the thought and you are well equipped to handle the deed. In all honesty, everyone can admit that there has been times where they thought of something, wanted it to be true, and surely enough, with persistency, it became true. Of course this relates back to the science of attraction, but it’s also just a simple concept. I’m not a believer of the law of attraction per se, but I do believe its basic components are very similar to our actual human “way”. I don’t believe I know what our real way/meaning is but I don’t thing anyone else does either; or at least as a whole. Someone out there could know, but clearly he/she has not shared it. Going back to my beliefs, I believe it’s important to accept our mirror effects. We all receive different things, but we are all receiving and processing in the same way. That’s why we are all humans. We are quite capable of believing ourselves to not even be humans, but even then we’re all capable of that so we are all still the same.

I believe we need to all try and do this , and do this a more appropriate way in contrast to our past human history. I believe we need to share our experiences, our emotions, our ideas; everything. I believe by doing so we could really begin to evolve as a human race and begin to understand ourselves and add a completely new sense to our existence/life. I believe a worldwide unity is the only means of real evolution.

I believe we can all do this, while still maintaining different belief systems and living with those individual restrictions. If push comes to shove, I believe all one human being has to do is mind his own life. There is no reason for one human to shy away from another one, merely based on a different belief. If that human being believes he/she must do what is right, then he/she surely understands that he/she is responsible for him/herself only. So if one human is not responsible for another, then why the urge to defend him/herself or attack the other?


I actually laughed when i read this. I didn't question why i wrote this, just simply how I felt inclined to write this! 

LuckymeIshouldsee LuckymeIshouldsee
Feb 22, 2010