I Wrote This Part 3

Ok , so now this one! When i read the title I really had high expectations! Unfortunately this made little sense to me and completely sucker punched me in the face! Did not live up to its title!



Last night I had a dream.

I wouldn’t really put it that way

All the grass was green

It was a fuzzy dream

The fluffy and the seem

The ones were you dream like you

Know it was a dream

And you start with the invented

The things you think you need

Before you know it’s over

You vivid dream is sweet

Now think about the times you lied

The times you think you failed

The message gets repetitive

The trial remains a stage

But then the moment comes

Where it was just a dream

You really didn’t dream

Because you believed in what it means 


It sort of makes sense though, right?

LuckymeIshouldsee LuckymeIshouldsee
Feb 22, 2010