I Wrote This Part 4

I guess it was about time I shared the not so great ones! 



Just love

struggles dangers constant imperfections

the world spins around like a dead wive’s intention


communicate your perception

maybe youll find your own native detention

sing a song loud, its so loud do you hear

when you say no, you can make it disappear

when you say yes, you are left in regress

take the wrong path, just stick to the rest

you have taken, broken , hoped and fought for

struggled in times, what you bought for

they named their price

but you just can’t ignore

you don’t want to walk through their door


everything is everything , yes

just like l boogie said

give up today, and you lost what you had

you can still come back, the lost boy will return

but the serpent is in and it’s time to get burned

so fly

fly with intention

beautiful addictive

strive for redemption

give your soul love

and teach them your tension

higher purposes now call for attention

the voices,

the true imperfections

you only gotta drop the pretensions

and take it ,

the love 


complete inability

full front insanity

formed by his dignity

he chooses humanity

bring it down slowly

this what you owe ME

surrendering silently

giving up gravity

frankly , you shoulda seen it coming

the scriptures, the walls, the little fish drownin

for how can a fish in the sea not swim

belonging to beauty, shining within

respect it, thats what you see coming

you left in a cab and now you start running

back to the train, (uh) back to the rain

switch it back on, trip the right gain

its fame,

useless demands

every direction is pulled from your hands

you got it, but you just don’t care

hurry  come back

it will always be there,



I was going to think of why I had written this, but i really can't even imagine why or how. I am so far away from that notion! 



LuckymeIshouldsee LuckymeIshouldsee
Feb 22, 2010