I Wrote This Part 12...this One Is Interesting.


I was sitting somewhere and somehow my hands caught my attention. I wondered why my hands were shaped the way they were and i wondered who i was. I remember having written this. Please do read! 



Speaking of hands…

This time I wish to share my thoughts on our hands and how I believe they represent the meaning we assume life has. Take a look at your hands; observe its shape, its length and its width. Also note the arrangement of the fingers in contrast to the hand and the thumb.

This is what I perceive of my hands and the value I find in studying them.

My hands are shaped as follows; the thumb is thick at the bottom, leading to the vertically placed rectangular figure. The thumb is thinner on the outside and sticks out wide from the rectangular, yet with a wing on the inside; the rectangular ends into the fingers. I note the shape of the fingers as a whole to be very uneven and bumpy. The fingers all face one direction. That’s why I always say I hate my hands. Fingers all point to the same thing, so they get in each other’s way.  My nails are also something, but I won’t get into that because then I’d have to reason with you on natural nature vs. human nature.

Now that I’ve described my hands (I’ve actually only shared the basics, there’s plenty more; i.e. the lines etc.) I will explain how I define my hands and myself there so.

First let me remind you of our past elders and the influence of their knowledge. According to all we know so far, it is harder to be right and easier to be wrong; as is it to be selfless and to be selfish. According to religions and philosophies, to be good is to remain true to reasoning and to be evil is to constantly dismiss and remain negative to everything.

My left hand is shaped the same as my right. It is narrow with a wide thumb sticking out. For purpose of easy explanation, the bible doctrine presents jesus stating that you either live good or evil. Those that get to heaven, i.e. live good, choose the narrow path. Those that live evil choose the wide path. This can be construed as a means to keep people from believing in themselves and living as sheep. However all other religions share this concept, all philosophies do as well. One who intends to do good lives with more limitations than one who intends to do either nothing, something harmful or everything. 

So again, that relates back to one path being narrow and the other wide.

First point I make, is that my hand is shaped like the narrow path of life. This suggest that I live a life of humility and care; selflessness sacrifice and intention to help, give and receive; and the desire to do what is right at all times. This goes back to my childhood experience. I was always loving, caring and giving. I was always very close to the idea of an almighty good; and almighty love. Then, as I crossed over into adulthood, I began to doubt the justifications of being good. At this point I began to deteriorate from my direction (a place where good has become triumph; heaven) and thereby my thumb changed its direction. Once my thumb separated from its other parts, it realized it would always be a part of the hand; i.e. in my life I lived a supposed pure life as a child and an impure life during my transition into adulthood. Now my fingers, they all face the same direction. They repel each other yet have the ability to stand closely together as one.

My translation; after having become an adult, I had learned from my journey away from home and was ready to redirect myself onto the narrow path. The reason my fingers repel each other is that they sometimes aim for a different direction, however when they do hold each other, they are very close and secure. Remember I am talking about my left hand here; my right hand’s fingers do not repel each other at any point. The left is to learn and the right is to do.  I translate this characteristic to mean that when I learn (left hand) I shed my initial limitations and the value of intending to sacrifice and hence my fingers repel each other. When I once again try to return to my narrow path, my fingers readjust to one direction and my hands shapes as a vertical rectangular. It’s a one way street. I either go to a heaven or this is heaven.

My thumb sticks out wider at the bottom. My translation; when I aimed at a new almighty (although in this case I was the almighty; i.e. awakening) the only way to remember the old almighty was to maintain its bottom line. Maintaining the bottom line was to remember what I valued most; I valued giving. The bottom left corner of my hand is a wide open, half circle. The thumb is given a major pushing in returning to said direction. I value giving so that translates into giving being the manner in which I actualized my return. I had believed in giving as a child, I stopped giving during my transition into adulthood, and as an adult I seek to give as much as I can in order to return to my peaceful state of living. When I was doing supposed good, I felt at peace. It could have been because of religious pressure, but when I no longer intended to do good, I still remained deeply inclined to do good. I was lying when I said I was evil. I always try to be good, so that is impossible.  I hope you understand my thoughts here, but I’ll move on for now.

I have not passed the adulthood stage, so I cannot speak of what my life will be like in the next transition, but I do know that it is very focused in the sense of sticking to one side. The only next point on the hand I can make is the end of it. Right before the rectangular shape turns into the fingers, the line across is very bumpy. It appears as a two-sided hill or mountain, facing forward. Because the hand translates into a life of pure, loving and good intention, the end translates into success, but only after bumps along the way; i.e. I will always seek the good and I will find it in the completion of this life. I say completion because I do not believe in actual place called heaven where we go because of how we live our life, so I cannot say that that is my supposed reward. I believe I desire to complete this life as what I define as good, the next is unknown and insignificant.

My right hand is shaped exactly the same without the added repulsion. Since the right is the doing of one, what I do in life will always be well intended. What I wish to learn (left) may not always be good but what I do will be.

To sum it all up, I lived, live and will live a life or certainty, unfaithfulness, repentance and then certainty with the added lesson being determination.

All is well that ends well.

How are your hands?

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My hands are clapping. Bravo, I'll have to read this again.