Malibu Canyon

I was driving to work at 5 am in the morning and I would always drive through malibu canyon to get to work. That morning i was thinking about  taking a different route instead of malibu canyon, but instead i went with my usual drive. That morning as i was drove to work. I never thought i was going to be in a car accident. As i was driving all of a sudden my windshield got foggy, but i thought it was from the inside so i turned on my defroster, but it wasnt doing anything. When i realized it was from the outside i cleaned my windshield and it got foggy again,but when i looked at the bottom of my widow i see that i am on top of a the yellow line and then i noticed i was coming in to a curve i braked my brakes locked i lost control of my car and i slid of the canyon. When i was driving of that canyon i thought it was going to be the last day i will ever be alive. I fell 160ft of the canyon and the fireman,chp, and emts said i was 2 inches of falling a 8,000 foot drop. All the fire men were surprised, because nothing had happen to me i was just fine.It was the scariest moment in my entire life and i thank God for letting me live!
cynthiaeliza cynthiaeliza 22-25, F 2 Responses Nov 5, 2011

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Wow glad your fine but reading what little lena said did you get checked out sometimes the after shock settles and your body hurts later and much worse, so get some rest don't move to much, oh and thanks for the card may your week be a better one sweets...

I'm glad you survived it; and you're still with us :-) It's interesting when a person decides to make a decision or a turn to go somewhere and see what decision or turn lead us to later. I was in a car accident almost 3 years but I wasn't driving; the vehicle got damage. my kneecap started hurting, and two days later; my back started to hurt; it hurt so bad, I couldn't visit my family in Toronto. my back is not as same as it used to be.

Omg i am sorry to hear that. yes u sometimes think to your self i should of just gone the other way, but the deed is already done, so we have to live with that the rest of our lives. I am so sorry that your back isnt the same!