Malibu Canyon

I was driving to work at 5 am in the morning and I would always drive through malibu canyon to get to work. That morning i was thinking about  taking a different route instead of malibu canyon, but instead i went with my usual drive. That morning as i was drove to work. I never thought i was going to be in a car accident. As i was driving all of a sudden my windshield got foggy, but i thought it was from the inside so i turned on my defroster, but it wasnt doing anything. When i realized it was from the outside i cleaned my windshield and it got foggy again,but when i looked at the bottom of my widow i see that i am on top of a the yellow line and then i noticed i was coming in to a curve i braked my brakes locked i lost control of my car and i slid of the canyon. When i was driving of that canyon i thought it was going to be the last day i will ever be alive. I fell 160ft of the canyon and the fireman,chp, and emts said i was 2 inches of falling a 8,000 foot drop. All the fire men were surprised, because nothing had happen to me i was just fine.It was the scariest moment in my entire life and i thank God for letting me live!
cynthiaeliza cynthiaeliza
26-30, F
Nov 5, 2011