My Friend Knocked On My Door And Woke Me Up In The Worst Way

I am so pissed

This girl who i WAS sorta friends with comes banging  at my door (worse than the cops and most crack heads)close to midnight wakes up my landlord my boyfriend who is ill at the moment and me! She barges in after my landlord opened the door yelling im having heart problems and i need my coat!! she borowed my coat and she left hers here so i knew she would give it back! She comes here with out my coat and starts saying she needs her i get her coat and check to see if theres stuff of mine in the pockets and she grabs it from me and i pull so she never got it out of my hand and im not the greatest person to do that too it took everything in me not to punch her out!!! Im serious!! no one should ever try any kind of negative physical contact with me because i will normally snap and fight  ! but lately I have been working on that so shes lucky she also slammed the door on her way out and everything! she was yelling and woke my landlord and hes still not back to sleep almost an hour later ohh and get this she says shes coming bright and early to give my jacket!! if she wakes me up again im afraid of how mad i will get Im a real grouch in the morning as it is so what i am doing is going to the hospital with the intentions of just telling her that i do not want her here in the morning and that i  will pick up my jacket tomorrow on my own !! Im so mad im nevr talking to her again! notr after this shes crazy what do you think would u be pissed!!

claraella claraella
18-21, F
4 Responses Feb 20, 2010

ya tell me about it that chick only talks about how pretty she thinks she is

and ya elieli i know how u feel i have to deal with insurance companies right now and its a bother and a half

lol ya i am cutting her out of my life i think she must be on something i knew she was on anti phycotics but maybe shes not taking them now i dont know

yeah - like they say, **** i was reading your mail last night some intruder tried to virus-up my PC. i called up a friend and he said ' you shouldn't have clicked on that ! now the PC's got the virus, and it's a tough one to get out ! ' and just yesterday i called up a couple of sites from which i had bought PC anti-virus programs so as to get refunds... i suddenly said to myself : ' it was one of them, screwing up my PC because people nowadays are so low down and dirty... they sunk the US economy just out of greed, and unconcern for anyone else - why not **** up someone that wants their money back ?!?! No morality, just doggy-eat-dog. What a world !!!!