was thinking now that I 'm older it's nice to be able to "look back" in my rear view mirror BESIDES being able to still see out the windshield.
When I was younger, I could only see out the windshield and rarely ever checked my side mirrors . I still couldn't look in the back seat or see out the rear view mirror.
Being older does have SOME advantages- Older and wiser is very true. I've blazed a trail. Now I can really say, "BEEN there-DONE that" and lived to tell about it.
I'm STILL here::::
puddetat puddetat
66-70, F
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I am just glad I did all my stupid youthful stuff pre-internet!!!

Puddetat, at least you weren't texting. ha ha. Youth walks around with tunnel-vision. Blessed are we to mature and look around. Glad you made it. whew! close one. mini

Whew, now I can relax knowing there is one more safe driver on the road. Ha! Hello, pudde... oxo

Hi pud,
Old is gold.