I think my new ID pic makes me look like this guy
                                              But im not a BASKARD!
   However, the gulf BP oilspill - I couldnt tell you that. I suppose its dependent on the ammount sitting at bottom of ocean, and we both know that it must be an awful lot.
Another pressing issue which i havnt given any attension for the past year or so is Fukushima. Deb that disaster is far worse than that of Chernbyl. The severity of it has been covered up by the powers that be and it is started its course of killing people all over the world. North America BC and Canada is hit very hard. Anything coming out of Japan now is dangerously radio active. The fish caught in the sea between California and Japan are very likely to be contaminated. Vegetables and fruits grown in CA are now radioactive. All food products like seafood and meats should be being tested prior to sale to the populace. But it isnt happening. The powerful monetary bennefactors that have huge interests in the systems continuation has manipulated all information and governmental actions of protection not to take any safty measures for the government are bennefactors of the food supply continuation. Philladelphia babies are dieing due to fall out. The media is not alerting the populace. All authorities are keeping the true facts from the people. Its all there on the net for anyone to find.  Have a listen to this radio interview that was recorded last year. Fukashima has and still is dumping highly radioactive water run off into the ocean as there is nothing else they can do with it. Japan is now becoming a land that is uninhabitable. 
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Yes - it made you look like Pluto! Your new pic is far more studious looking, and then some. I sincerely hope you are not a B'kard. Xx