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Syria unrest: Damascus 'suicide blasts' kill dozens

Lyse Doucet at the scene: "The blasts took place in the early morning rush hour, when children were going to school"

  Im sorry for sounding preachy, but we all know that things like this are now not uncommon. Add this to other terrible events happening around the earth, doesnt all this point to there being an unseen extremely evil mastermind motivating such events. Isnt it the normal want of every human being to live in harmony and security with their neighbors, and yet things like this are becoming the norm.
Who has considered all this and given a little thought that there is pretty clear evidence that these times are marked, and dare i mention the word bible, yes recorded to be taking place with other catastrophic events, written in the bible.
Hey, if u havnt already, get a bible and read what would be the signs of the conclusion of this system we are now living in. And then start figuring out what you may need to do to have an opportunity to enjoy life in a world free of all this, in the not too distant future. Cuz this inhabited earth is going down, so to speak, real quickly now.
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1 Response May 10, 2012

Hmmm ... With all this warring going on I long since concluded that these are the Revelation times. I'm Spritual rather than Religious. Xx