Freddy Krueger Wasn't Really Real, But...

I'll start off by saying that when a movie is based on actual events or is inspired by actual events it does not mean it's a documentary. It simply means the writer got the idea for the screenplay from a real event. I'll give you a For Instance. For instance, it is a common misconception that the Texas Chainsaw Massacre actually happened. This is because it claimed to be based on ... you guessed it, actual events. It kinda, sorta is but not really.

It's based on the killer Ed Gein. The only resemblance the movie has to the real case is that both Leatherface and Ed wore the skin of their victims as their own. But Ed did not live in Texas nor did he use a chainsaw. And Leatherface racked up many more kills. Having explained that....

Did you know that The Nightmare On Elm Street was inspired by a real story? You can probably look up the actual case but I'm not going to do that right now. It happened several decades ago. I believe it was in South America. An older child, a girl I think, was having terrible nightmares. She would awaken with bruises and scratches. The parents would watch over her as she slept as did doctors and others from her village.
The afflictions weren't coming from her. She wasn't hurting herself in her sleep. Her family thought she was possessed by a demon and it was this demon that was hurting her from the inside. They never did find an answer. She kept getting worse and finally died from whatever it was.
Wes Craven had heard of this story. He put a few twists on it and from that we got Freddy.
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May 11, 2012