Totem Poles, A Dog's Lap And Iron Butterfly

People often misuse the totem pole structure. By this I mean they will comment of themselves or another being at the bottom or near the bottom of the totem pole, referring to being a peon. But when it comes to an actual totem pole being on the bottom is really the best spot. It's because the base of the pole is reserved for the strongest, highest ranking entity being placed upon the pole. It has to be the strongest so it can hold all the ones above it up.So if you see a totem pole, remember, the symbol at the top is actually the lowest ranked.

Dogs lap water, obviously. But did you know they do it in a way that most people don't know? Many people would think the tongue curls up and cups the water. But the tongue really curls under and cups the water that way.

Iron Butterfly was a rock band in the 60s. Perhaps their most popular song is Innagoddadavida. Do you know how this name/ word came to be?
The band was recording in the studio and had just finished a song. They sat and listened to the playback of the song, which was supposed to open with the lyrics... In the garden of Eden... but something happened during the recording and it came out sounding like Innagoddadavida.
The band thought it sounded mystical and exotic, which was really 'in' back then. So they decided to change it from In the garden of Eden to Innagoddadavida, which means absolutely nothing. It was just an error in the electronics during a recording.
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Sep 8, 2012