Omg This Guy Freekt Me Out Today!!!

scents i just got home and its fresh in my mined here is Wat happened....

OK I'm on my way home from walmart (i walk allot and enjoy it) i was walking through the parking lot next to walmart and a guy  an old poly in his Early fifty's guy stops and start to ask the weirdest thing (now he did int speak fluent English but i understood) and it was so casual the way he ask it  1St ask if i spoke Spanish i sed no...then he ask if i jack of....(yea  now Gavin that most ppl would run..i did not he was old so i just stayed and answer and a Lil small talk) so i say yea(i have a habit of telling strangers the truth ...that's a bad thing i no)anyways he talked about even tho the word was not used in our conversation "prostitutes" (wtf i no) talking about to guys he saw ina garage getting jack off by some girls he talkt about he was at the moves recently and some Gris(who in my opinion must have been desperate for munny) ask him if he wonted them to jerk him off (now the hole time hes talking about this I'm nodding and being polite) apparently he was on his way to see a prostitute cus he also ask me where a street was i sed i never herd of it (because i hadn't)and after some more talking on his part  he left

i cant believe someone would stop u and just ask something like that



BTW ppl I'm going to try to get in the habit of using spell check my spelling is tarebal..









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2 Responses Mar 11, 2010

oh dont wery i can take care ov myself thats one reason i did not run the other reson he was in a car lol<br />
anyways i can take someone like him ezely<br />
<br />
in other words dont judge me! im not as week as i look ppl

no i dont thinks so he was rilly intrested in finding that street so i asumde he was on his way to a *******<br />
+ he was quite old so if he had tryed anything hed never cach me or i could brake his shin call 911 and run<br />
i had on my steel towe shows and i like steel tow cuz they r mor cumfertabl for me