Spice And Weed

I started out as a great, hard working, honest, trustworthy soldier. I was in ft huachuca for over a year as a uav operator. (You're only supposed to be there for 22 weeks and I didn't even complete the course) I completed half my training and got kicked out of class for not having an up-slip (green flight status) while in the hold platoon I tried spice for the first time in my life. I fell in love. I would use all the time (several times daily) I got sent to CID for questioning of my spice use because my battle buddy had attempted suicide while on spice and have up everyone's name before going to rehab ( I still hate that short lil ************) I admitted to using spice. Then my chapter 14-12c started. A few weeks after this I got a roommate that sold weed and I bought some from him then I had to take drug tests because I was enrolled in ASAP. I failed 3 consecutive drug tests for marijuana. (You can bet there were some pissed off sergeants around me) I was discharged with a general under honorable conditions. I was really surprised since all the sergeants said I was going to be court martialed. I truly regret the decisions I made for I know I will be paying for it for the rest of my life which I could care less about its my sons life that I have messed up.
spicetroop spicetroop
18-21, M
Dec 6, 2012