Kidnapped As A Kid!

When I was seven years old, my folks went out into the neighborhood house-hunting. My older brother was supposed to be the babysitter, unfortunately, he didn't manage to do such a good job. I went into the front of our house at the time looking for something to do and my neighbor from three houses down just happened to be walking infront of our house. Although he has a 17 year old Mongoloid, our families had quite a bit of family gatherings with his family.

He asked if I wanted cookies and juice to which I accepted. He said he had them at his house so I went with him three houses down to his mother's house. After we got inside, he bolted all the doors and closed all the window shades. He told me that there were no cookies to be had and grabbed my arm and took me up to his room. Right after we stepped foot in his room, I was punched in the face by this man and then subsequently thrown into a closet with the lights turned off. After holding the door shut for some time, he opened it and had a metal coat hanger in his hand. He tore off my shirt while I was crying and beat me to a pulp not only with the metal coat hanger, but also with the curtain rod. This continued for about another 3 hours of what seems to me of pure torture. The windows in the early 80's were specialty windows where you needed a special key to open and close them. I was locked in the room overnight and the next morning, he came in for Round 2. There was blood all over the bed, blood on the walls, a deep cut above my eye, welts on my back and arms and a feeling of general malaise in my stomach.

After Round 2, he opened the window and barked at me like I was a dog and asked "do you want to go home? do you? do you?" to which I naturally replied (and pleaded) yes. He said "go ahead" and flung open the window. I put my head out the window slowly all the while looking at him with suspicious eyes. After my head was out the window, the slammed the window shut. Fortunately I had my tennis shoe to block the blunt force of the window crashing on my head. He asked me again if I wanted to go home to which I replied again a simple yes. This time however, our real babysitter - who was on Spring Break - just happened to be riding by on her bicycle. I screamed and screamed until I had no energy left, not knowing whether or not she heard me. As this was happening, I was punched in the back of the head and was knocked unconscious.

When I awoke, I found myself in the dark attic of the two story home with my wrists duct taped behind my back, my mouth duct taped shut and in serious pain. To his dismay, my babysitter in fact saw the situation and the cops and firemen ax'ed down the front door and I was found in the attic crying hysterically. He was subsequently arrested, but released three days later due to his condition coupled with the fact that my parents opted not to press charges.

Upon his arrival back to his house and his mother notifying us that he was in fact home, my mother literally forced me to go BACK to their house to give him Hostess Cupcakes! I was literally pulled over there kicking and screaming the whole way.

Although this may sound quite ominous in nature, it was absolutely the best thing that could have happened to me as my mother forced me to confront the monster in my midst. To this day, I am thankful that she did that because she knew that I was protected and that he would never do that to me again.

Johnny died exactly one year to the day of my kidnapping. I have no ill will towards him nor his family and I still regularly visit his mother in the very same house with zero reservations of going there whatsoever.

Thank you for reading and remember that great things can come out of the most dire of circumstances.
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This is absolutely awful.

While that statement is true, it's really helped me throughout my life :)

I'm sorry that happen to u. U was kidnapped to so I can relate. I hope everything is ok now

Appreciate the kind words friend! Thanks! I'd be interested to hear what your circumstances were when you get a free second. Thanks for reading!

I be interested to tell u if u want to here about it I was kidnapped 2 time. If I want to here about them message me

My gosh, what an experience to go through as a kid. Did you tell your parents what exactly happened to you while at that house the way you did here?
I don't know if I could make my child do what your mom had you do, if I was in her situation. It must have been very difficult.

Wow! I don't know that I could not have pressed charges to say the least. Did I miss where youssaid he had a mental illness? It is amazing you are here with us. Thanks for sharing!

Thanks and yes, he was mentally challenged unfortunately. Appreciate the input!

That makes things more complicated doesn't it. We have to protect ourselves and them from themselves. Your compassion is inspiring. I really appreciate that in people. xo

We can't all be haters I suppose. Plus, I don't fault him as he was more than likely cognizant of his actions.

What mental illness did the boy have

Praise God. Your mother is an inspirational person. With a warm heart. God bless her.

Appreciate the kind words - she is a gem I'll have to agree.

WoW your story reminded of my life when I was 12 and I got kidnapped during the summer. I think I might post the story one day or not. I'm not sure though.

You should LWB - might help some others out ya know. I think one of the best parts of EP is that others who have undergone similar situations would be more inclined to share if others have shared as well. Looking forward to reading yours and thanks for the comment :)

I took your advice and i wrote my experience, I'm really glad I shared it. think that this happens daily in the US and around the world just scares the hell out of me. Being a mother this story really makes me think. You had a lucky escape. It takes great courage to post this to the world. I admire you.

Thank you, but I wasn't doing anyone any favors by writing this. Stories like this should be posted to share some insight:) I am happy to have been rescued, I won't lie.

Wow...that was terrifying.

thats creepy

i can't believe i am reading this for the third time and have never commented..<br />
<br />

"ALTHOUGH he has a 17 year old Mongoloid, our families had quite a bit of family gatherings " <br />
? Is there any prob in having a mongoloid child?

Was supposed to read "Although he was a 17 year old Mongoloid, ........"

that makes more sense.

Your story is inspiring, and made me look at things differently , i cant thank you enough for sharing it with us . <br />
I hope it will help other people who were in the same situation and wish all people see it the way you do.

omg, thats got the sh!t beat out of you.....and your mom makes you bring treats over!?!??? Its great you have a positive take on the whole situation. Damn, what a story! :-) i wish i could buy a little book with all your stories in it! lol you could tottaly sell books..that you could write!

Wow, Idlewatcher, that's quite a trauma you went through, I kinda get what Absolved said, no one can say what they would or would not do in that situation until they've lived it. I lost a son, maybe sometime I'll share that experience with all of you, but to this day, I still don't know what happened and don't know what I could have, should have, or would do if I could go back. All these wonderful little pieces of hell, and I really hate this saying, but it's true, makes us who we are today. We hold those experiences in a safe place in our minds and only take them out occassionally to weep & grieve (sp?) over, to mull over and wonder what if, over and over and over again. I'm sure you have a ton of "what if's" on this one, starting with, what if I hadn't gone with him. As you say, at the end of the day, you did go with him, I did leave him at the sitters, and these events happened. No one can ever say they would have done things this way or that way, unless they've been in your shoes. You survived it!!! Hooray!! We're better for it. Thanks for sharing, it can't be easy to relive it, but it's healing in the telling. Much love!!! Angie

That is messed up. You are very kind to forgive him. I commend your parents for teaching you both mercy as well as empathy.

Some courage on your part. <br />

Wow, what a story I can't imagine as a parent not wanting to do something more to this 17 year old. Your parents role is to totally protect you, I am so surprised they handled it that way. It's one thing to be mentally challenged and disturbed it is another when you violently hurt or injure another human being, sorry, I don't understand how they handled it, but I guess, your mom acted on behalf of a mother who probably was in turmoil about her own son's behaviour and his consequences, she must have begged your mom not to press charges. Anyway, I am glad you have not be damaged by this incident, you are one of the lucky ones. Most would be rather disturbed and need therapy. By the way Is that your real photo of you?

You really seem so well adjusted to such a severe situation. Your parents really raised you with a strong constitution and assurance of self. Not many can experience an ordeal of that magnitude and view it ob<x>jectively or be forgiving. Kudos to you and to your parents for being kind and understanding people!

Thanks Krystelle and yes, you are correct - I don't need pity :) Pity is for the weak I think or the less-inclined-in-life type :D

Wow, you are very strong to have come out of that with no hate. Congrats:)<br />
I would say sorry but you don't seem like you want pitty at all.

Wow, you are very strong to have come out of that with no hate. Congrats:)<br />
I would say sorry but you don't seem like you want pitty at all.

Holy crap! I knew my story was serious, but damn - that is terrible!<br />
<br />
A few days after the incident, I did feel abandoned particularly by my mother. I sometimes thought "how can they allow this monster to exist, let alone still live nearby?!"...but over time (and after sleeping in my parents room for 6 months straight), I learned to acknowledge the fact that had my mother NOT done what she did, I'd have this lingering fear. Obviously as an adult, that probably would have subsided, but I do think that there would be some remnants of the past - if you feel me.<br />
<br />
Thanks for your input :) Much appreciated.


Thanks for your comment Blue.....yes, was quite a life changing event - but for the better!

Wow, for you to be able to share this with everyone is incredible. How horrifying! How has it changed your life? Your view of people?

Jezz thats scary I would probably faint atlest half the time wow atleast you are protected and he is gone.

I'm fairly certain he didn't really know the gravity/magnitude of his actions - although I can't say for sure :)

Why did he do that to you???

Thanks Closetgirl :)

You are right Emerald, but I certainly believe there is no right or wrong answer. At the end of the day, I'm thankful to still be around and thankful that I wasn't molested. That could have been a whole new bag of worms.<br />
<br />
Had I been killed or raped, I'm sure the necessity for charges would have been quite a bit higher. Knowing my folks however, they are the type of people that don't get in anyone's way and try to avoid any unnecessary drama.

Idle, you can go to mine or anyone's profile, and to the left see the lists of their profile. One says STORIES. Click there and you can see a bit of every story they've written. :)<br />
THanks for sharing this story. VERY interesting. I think I see the hesitation of prosecuting in this case. Your parents were seeing a half-grown kid with a mental/physical disabillity. But, to share MY opinion, I still would have pressed charges. Why? Because even in his condition, he knew it was WRONG or he wouldn't have hidden you. I think the court would have considered his age and mentality, and put him in different facility than a prison. Still, I think he knew this was wrong. The beating was bad enough. What if he'd raped you or killed you? THEN would they have considereed pressing forward??

You know - to be honest about it, I still really don't know. I think that at the end of the day, my parents concern was my safety and not punishing someone who has been punished since birth. Of course, that is my own personal take on the situation.<br />
<br />
When I think about it though Emerald, I am in full agreement with their choice. I do know that the cops asked if we wanted to press charges, but they declined. As you can imagine, Johnny's mom was hysterical at what had occurred and I think at the end of the day, his justice came in an early death. <br />
<br />
Thanks for reading, I'm kinda new here and just thought I would share :) Have you written anything yourself? I'd like to see.

WOW! Just WOW! Talk about a narrow escape! But I do have a question.... WHY did your parents not press charges?? I understand the forgive, forget thing people use, but why not let the judicial system carry out justice of his crime??