Kidnapped During the Summer

Sorry About what happened earlier, anYways, After Driving;
We made it to an back alley and the guy carried me out, I was sweaty and bleeding, the back of my head was bleeding from behind, So were my stomach and back. I was a mess and my pants were torned, my shoes were worn out, I'm still sweating making the scratches of my back sting. My dad was angry and my mom was crying when she saw my body but I Got the strength to say, "M-Mom." that's when she knew I was alive. "heavy" and orangehair got their moeny and gave my body to my parents, that's when suddenly police came put of nowhere and arrested the kidnappers. I arrived to a nearby hospital thinking I would die there, but I woke up suddenly happy I survived. My parents hugged me close, with my mom crying and won't stop kissing my face so I had to beg her To stop. After that, I lived with my parents so happy that I have them. Without family, There'll be nothing left for me.
I might be safe but just for now. . . . . . .

I'm really glad I had z chance to tell you about my kidnapping experienced.
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I am so sorry you had to go threw that. I hope that your kidnappers pay for what they did to you. I to hope you are okay from your kidnapping ordeal. I am going to email you, So look for it.

thanks you B23D

WoW I really messed up in my title I shouldn't type too fast. :p