I Was Only 13

it was a long day and i had just gotten back from soccer and my parents were out grocery shopping but as i had opened the door i felt something pull me into a car i panicked and screamed but the guy gagged me i slowly fell asleep i woke up the next morning chained to the wall in a basement i looked around and i saw ten more girls chained also i was terrified and screamed when all of a sudden a guy in a ski mask unlocked the chain and dragged me into a dark room and procceded to rape me right after he punched me in the stomach and pulled me back to the area where i was chained then grabbed the girl next to me but she faught but he pulled out a gun and shot her in the head his friends high fived him and quickly cut off her head and tossed it in a pill and grabbed the next girl and dragged her into the same room i was in but the man brought all his friends and left his keys right next to me i quickly reached the keys and quickly unlocked the chain and fled i finally got outside and ran to the nearist house and called 911 the cops aressted the man and said that i was in that basement for 1 whole week and that my parents had set out a amber alert the police officer drove me home were i hugged myparents with tears in my eyes the cops gave me a pregnatcie test but the baby had died when the masked man punched me in my stomach and said that the masked guy was ....... my soccer coach i still fear what he would be doing to me if i were still there.
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I have a question how do you have a baby when you got raped once did you have it with other men to be pregnant at such a young age

That's horrible that he did that too you and your baby died :(