It’s been over nine years since I was kidnapped and turned into a pet. After I opened up to my first wife on Halloween she told me it might help me to right down everything that happened in those four months… I told her I had but she said “In more detail, it might help to get it all out.” I can’t argue with her, sometimes I feel like we’re still married.

It was shortly after I turned eight. I was still upset from my parent’s death a year before that, so I didn’t have a big party. Some people still came to celebrate so I let them. Afterword I ordered Sebastian to begin cleaning up as I went to bed. When I got to my room I was halfway to my bed before someone grabbed me, I remember some weird smell then I passed out.

I woke up I guess I few hours later because it was still dark, I could hear two men talking about me outside. They had a blanket covering the small cage I was in and a flap was pulled back to see me. One of them made a comment, “He’s worth two people.” It was a long ride to wherever we were going, it had to be out in the country too because of all the birds and howling. I was asleep by the time we had got there, might have cried myself to sleep.

The brand is what woke me up, I woke up screaming from the pain in my ribs, being held down by five men all smiling. My clothes were gone and all I could do was beg… After they wrapped it up they put some clothes on me and walked me around showing me where everything was, introducing me to the maids, guards, and other slaves. Many had different brands and some tattoos. Finally leading me to my cage and tossing me in, it was small not big enough to stand in but big enough to get on my knees.

Next morning… training day. I was dragged out by my hair and cleaned up. Dressed in some better clothes and taken upstairs to a big bedroom, the mansion was about the same as mine except with a dark theme. I was then lead to a room and kicked onto the bed. I felt my necklace snap, the only thing they let me keep, so I turned over and grabbed it.

The men began ripping off my clothes, I fought but the biggest one kicked me in the jaw and my whole head pounded, I couldn’t speak or move my jaw at all. I tried to crawl to the door but he stomped my right thigh hard enough for it to snap, I screamed but was cut short when one of the other men grabbed my arms and lifted me up, then shoved my mouth over his c**k. I felt a sharp pain and looked back to see the other ramming into me. My body just went limp, I couldn’t move and i couldn’t think. Soon I felt them both c** then drop me to the floor. I passed out again shortly after that. Woke up by the maids cleaning me up and bandaging me.

Training lasted for a week, men and women both taught me. It was time I was sent out. Once again dragged out and cleaned up. Then lead upstairs to a rich looking man, who slowly looked me over then handed the man who brought me there a handful of money. He drove me back to his house and he did his thing raping me for several hours before bringing me back, thanking them then leaving. The maids always seemed the most loving and gentle with us. Feeling sorry for us I guess.

Month later my jaw and leg is healed up and I’ve learned to keep my mouth shut. They now let me out to help around the basement we were being held in, cleaning and cooking. Jaw still hurts and leg is sore to walk on but I keep silent, the only time I talk when I’m there is when I’m around Victoria, small girl I made friends with. She had been there for years and helped me adjust to this life, even though she could live upstairs and get better clothing and bedding she stayed down there, said it made her feel safer. Her attitude toward all of that, its just a job.

Second month, First week, new client from France is looking for a cute little boy in a dress. Since I had long black hair, slender body and cute girl-like face I was chosen… lucky me. I was put in a long black dress with blue flowers around the hats rim and the dresses trim. Since it’s a rare occasion and a high paying client I have to act, along with the other requests. I was put in a carriage and rode to his new home he had just purchased. He was having a welcoming ball to get to know the locals, part of his request was I arrive as a guest, seduce him, then do whatever he likes when he leads me from the party. Everything went as planned except instead of seducing him someone spilled wine on me and he assisted me but he got his money’s worth.

Second month, Second week, party is being thrown upstairs so we are all ordered to clean up and get dressed in your best. The best thing I have that isn’t rags is the dress so I put it on, Victoria has a similar red dress. I stand by her side and assist her with the clients. Our job for the night? Mingle, seduce, and please the guests, Victoria and I work as a team. Going around teasing and working. Even though I’m a pet, even though k want to go home so badly I want to die. I’m having so much fun, with her I had completely forgotten about where I was and actually y was enjoying myself, I started to see why she felt that way about all of this. I started to love her too, I even got my chance when a drunken client asked us to make love on the table.

Second month, Last week, no one had come to buy any of us for the night. Maybe they were still trying to get over the hangover from the ball. It did get kind of crazy after several of the guests started to fight. I think over some old girlfriend or wife I don’t know I was busy at the time. They let us hang out around the mansion, my chance to explore. It was huge many of the rooms were either empty or full of random things. We then all were gathered in the living room to watch movies and play around, I once again stayed by Victoria. Who held my hand through the scary parts. They also began to give us medicine that made us get hot and want sex a lot more.

Third month, First week, they knew I wouldn’t try to run anymore so I was allowed out and upstairs, even outside like I lived there. I even got my own room that they cleaned out. Nice and dark, with a maid to keep me safe. I never stayed in it for long only slept in it once or twice. But now I didn’t have to leave to satisfy my clients. I could just take then upstairs to my “quarters”. They have increased the medicine with some of us but they only give it to us before we leave with our clients. Victoria had given up her room and bunked with me, I slept in there cuddling with her a lot more.

Third month, Second week, Victoria went off with a big guy and came back late in the night, she was limp and being dragged. They laid her in the bed and I simply rolled over thinking she was just tired like some nights. Next morning I tried to wake her for breakfast but she was stiff, when I rolled her over her eyes were open and staring right through me. I screamed and the maid rushed in. Her neck was black and blue, the man had strangled her to death… I lost the one friend I had in that hell, and a person I loved. I didn’t talk for a while after that and slept on the floor for a few days until they cleaned the sheets.

Third month, Third week, they fed us some soup that we ate like any other day, until I heard the skinny boy at the end of the table scream and throw his bowl. Everyone looked at their bowl scared and I froze. Victoria had a small fairy on her upper shoulder that I used to trace with my finger a lot, the upper half of it was on a piece of meat floating in the soup. We all began to throw up and drop our bowls. I didn’t eat for a few days, customers said I was kind of like a ragdoll, but it didn’t stop them from… using me. I got over it pretty quickly. Nowadays I do think about it.

Third month, Last week, everyone was really sad that whole week, a few of the kids had disappeared. We never knew what happened to them, we never saw them again. Rumors spreading around about every possibility from letting us go to feeding us to monsters. Then rumors started spreading about me, about how I was next. I didn’t let it bother me too much. Client of mine, who later became my first wife bought me for the night and she swore to help me. I felt so happy that I found someone I could trust.

Fourth month, First week, I get told I’m getting prepared for something important and I’m not allowed to tell any of the others because they might get jealous. I was taken up to my room and treated much better, it scared me. I knew something bad was going to happen, why were they buttering me up?

Fourth month, Second week, the last week I was in there I was back in my cage that night because my last customer beat me to the point it hurt to move. I suddenly heard gunshots upstairs, but I didn’t move. After a few minutes the door was kicked in and there were several more shots. The man I met on my first night, the one that broke my jaw and my leg, fell against my cage door. There was a knife that dropped from his belt, I grabbed it and started ramming it into his neck then dropped it, crawling back to the back of the cage and slumping against it. They kicked him aside and began prying open the cages getting us out, I remember my sister asked what did I want them to do. “Burn it down… burn it all down.”

The group that rescued me was comprised of my two older sisters, Bayonetta the girl I married later, a group of Umbran lieutenants, and members of Scotland Yard who had been working on a case involving us. I was bedridden for a few weeks because I had gotten sick from the beating. I felt useless and my brothers went off angry to find the rest of the people that did that to me… they never came back. My sisters kept it hidden from me until after my ninth birthday and my marriage to tell me they were dead, already buried with our parents.

Jackie Anthony Bloodlust

Head of the Bloodlust Estate

Prince of the Umbra Witch Clan

P.S. This is subject to change if anything else come to mind.
PrinceBloodlust PrinceBloodlust
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Did all this really happen?

If you did go through this, you have all my compassion, sympathy, and support. Not that those things are worth **** to any one, especially from a guy.
If you've just made this story up, I think you should let people know that.

No i didn't and thank you very much, it actually takes a bigger man to say something nice like that

I wish you complete safety henceforth, total healing, peace, happiness, and comfort. And may there be justice for you. Honestly, you've gone through things that would break me, so, you're a strong guy.

:') this really just made me tear up thank you.

If this is true, that's terrifying