Spring Kidnapping

I was 20 years old and i was in my 3rd year of college. It was spring break and i went to San Diego with my roommates and a few other friends. It was our 3rd day there and i decided to go get some ice cream around 7:30 PM. My friends stayed in the hotel room so it was just me. I decided to take a quick shortcut through a short alley way. Just as i was almost out of the alley way and was passing this seemingly abandoned van, these 4 men jumped out of the back of the van, grabbed me, and pulled me in. I screamed as loud as i could but they pulled me into the back of the van 2 quickly. One of the men turned me onto my stomach and pulled my hands in back of me. He straddled me, pinning down my arms. He yanked back my head and stuffed a cloth in my mouth. Another one of the men gave him a large roll of duct tape and the man on top of me started wrapping the tape tightly around my head. I could feel one of the other men wrapping tape around my ankles and thighs. They finished my gag and ankles and thighs and wrapped more tape around my wrists. They turned me onto my back and started to feel my legs and my breasts through my shirt. One man slapped my thighs and another would lick my face and kiss my face. Two of the men climbed into the front seat and one started to drive. The other 2 men stayed in the back, touching me and licking and kissing me and slapping my thighs because i was wearing short jean shorts. I cried for the entire ride. The men looked old, like in their late 30's or early 40's. They scared me and i knew they would rape me. When the car stopped, the men in the front opened the back doors of the van. All of them were out and  one in a green shirt pulled me out by my ankles and hoisted me over his shoulder, slapping me on the ***. I noticed we were in a deserted mountain type area. There were no other houses or people. They carried me inside and threw me on the couch. A man in a blue shirt grabbed another roll of duct tape and looked at me. "Come on sweetie. You know you love this. I cant wait to get that shirt off later," he said. He started wrapping tape around my legs in many places. Then he did my arms. When he was done, the man with the green shirt came over to me and sat me up and straddled me. "I wonder what we have under here to entertain us," he said. He grabbed my shirt and ripped it open then tore it off completely and threw the rest of it on the ground. He cupped my breasts in my bra. Another man, in a brown shirt, picked me up and hoisted me over his shoulder and carried me down to the basement. There was a mattress in the corner and he set me down on it. He whispered in my ear that he would be back later for some more fun. He licked my breast and left. I was left down there in the basement for hours and i remember crying on the dirty mattress, shivering and yelling for help into my tight gag. A man in a black shirt came down with the man in the green shirt and they cut off my shorts, bra, and under ware. They played with my breasts and slapped my *** and played around with me for hours. When they were done, they layed me back down on the mattress on my back and the one in the black shirt straddled me. "OK i cant take it anymore. I need to kiss your sweet lips. When i take this gag off, if you scream, i will be forced to rape you. Do you understand me sweetheart?" he asked. I sniffled back my tears and nodded. He unwrapped all the tape and i spit the cloth out. He felt my lips with his fingers and then kissed them. I could feel his tongue in my mouth and i started to cry heavily again. He stopped, paused, and then i started to struggle and thrash around wildly and i screamed "HELP ME SOMEONE ANYBODY PLEASE HELP ME!!!". He pulled me into his chest and clapped his hand over my mouth. "Shut up you stupid *****!" I kept yelling and struggling to undo my bounds. He quickly grabbed more tape and wrapped literally the entire roll around my mouth and eyes as a blindfold. The tightness of the tape around my body was unbearable. I cried and was hoisted over his shoulder again and carried upstairs. He yelled "We have to get rid of this stupid **** now! She is more trouble than she's worth!" I thrashed in his arms and screamed and cried and cursed into my gag. "But she has such a hot ***!" One said right before he slapped my *** a few times. "And her boobs are perfect!" That man cupped and flopped around my breasts. "No way! She has got to go!" Everyone agreed and i was put back in the van. The two from the back of the van before were back there again and again they kissed, licked, and slapped me. I cried and screamed and struggled the whole ride. Then i heard sirens and i felt the van pull over a few minutes later. I heard the voice of a police officer and i screamed for help. The back doors of the van were opened and i was pulled out. The tape was removed from my face and i was taken to the hospital to have the rest of the tape on my body removed. I remember this event like it was just yesterday and i know that one day my kidnappers will get out of jail. But I'm truly blessed to have gotten out of this alive.  

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Have you been able to move on in your life?

**** you should be grateful they even gave your ***** *** notice! You should have BEGGED them to **** your slutty ***

OMFG, your a digusting, f*ucking ****. You sound like somebody that would ENJOY getting raped and played with. You are frikin sick.

i hope you are getting on with your life even though of what happen

This turns me on. They should have spanked your feet though. I love being tied up

Me too! ;-)


this is a story of rape and kidnapping. It is not some fetish, **** novel. Shame on you.

im sorry. I would not blame you if you never trusted men again

You poor thing, i hope things will return to normal, love. Life has much more good than bad, and there is more to live and see. Be stronge and nothing can get to you!

Are you ok?

I am so sorry of what happened to you honey

I feel sorry for you my Spanish teacher once took me when I was alone at home and he put me in a van and he licked my va jay jay and my boobs then he made me suck his ****.i was scared out of my mind. I know your pain.

This is horrible. I'm so, so sorry.

I hope they get what they deserve and you get your happy life.

Those guys are sick! I can't explain what I wanna do to them right now. I wanna those ####ing #####s.

I wanna killll them.

Oh my...<br />
How awful!

Luckily the police did their jobs!

This is truly a horrible thing to do to a yound woman. I hope you have recovered and my best to you. If youd like to talk sometime shooot me a message :)

i'm so sorry. i cant beleive they did that to you, i'm really glad that your alright. i just dont know why men think they can do that to women, i hope those basterds rot in jail and never get out. good luck to you, you are an amazing and strong person.

People who do sick sh*t like this really need to stay in jail for life or die.

People who do sick sh*t like this really need to stay in jail for life or die.

What is really sick is that you wrote this "story" when kidnappings are real and traumatic. There are places for literotica...and it's not here.<br />
<br />
Someone who was truly kidnapped and traumatized by an event such as this, would describe the event in less graphic terms, not how they tied you up in detail. You would not (or want to) recall phrases used by captors, such as "Come on sweetie. You know you love this. I cant wait to get that shirt off later " or..."I wonder what we have under here to entertain us" or... "But she has such a hot ***!" or..."And her boobs are perfect!" This suggestive chatter is meant to titillate.<br />
<br />
Surely the poster is not a female, or 26-30 and it breaks my heart that someone would be this thoughtless to prey on caring people with sincere concern, or make light of the tradgedy of those that actually have been kidnapped.<br />
<br />
I know firsthand, because it happened to me.

This website is intended to be used for people with expiriences, good or bad, and if the are bad, you need to respect them. You don't know her, and you certainly don't know if this expierience is real. And its good for her to say what really happened, it can take a lot of weight off your shoulders to just tell what has happened to you.
Also, the terms of Use and Service tell you specifically to respect people, and not put them down, which is exactly what you are doing now. Maybe you have your own problems you need to sort out, why don't you right about them here, on expierience project.

@imathinkin: I had a terrifying &amp; violent gang-rape experience when I was sixteen. I don't discuss it in a public forum because I don't want to trigger/upset anyone. When I discuss it in private I describe everything that was done &amp; said as accurately &amp; completely as I can. That helps me explore it &amp; understand it better while getting someone else's valuable insights &amp; reactions &amp; viewpoint.

I also fantasize &amp; roleplay about being raped in various ways and how real life could have happened better or worse and what I would do differently in those circumstances. It gets me off and I won't apologize for that. I control what happens (bad or good) in those fantasies and that helps me cope with the experience &amp; my feelings about it.

No. The way it was explained "Her boobs are perfect" and such...I stand by my comment.

I understand, it gets me off too.

@imathnkin: I was terrified and glad to get out of it alive when four men did this to me! I was sixteen and it was the summer between 11th &amp; 12th Grade. I was traumatized for quite a while but now when I tell the story I include remarks like that, risqué stuff I remember the men saying about/to me or each other. I guess you wouldn't believe my story either!

If you need help dealing with this, or have a need to tell your story, this probably isn't the place. Too many weirdos feed off this stuff. You are not helping, but potentially hurting others...that's how I see it. It's unhealthy to get off on it. What happened was wrong.

@Imathinkin: Well, it's healthy for me. It has been about fifteen years and I'm doing fine. :p

I can tell. ;)

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I'm so sorry you had to go through this. But you truly are blessed to be alive and unharmed. <br />
<br />
Those men will get out of jail someday. But at least they are in jail now so they can't do this to anyone else for a long time.

Unlike most I know where she is. I still have a chance to get her out of this mess. But I think I might be alone and have to sue the government for this---thats not fun. I had one attorney interested but he wanted big bucks I don't have.

How are the memories of this horrendous event affecting your life today?<br />
<br />
Be well,<br />
larry@newhope-health.ca<br />
<br />
"you can change history, but you can change the future!"

You are lucky to be alive. I am sure the memories are hard to get over. I know they are for me.

I feel for you, what sick, nasty perverts they are, imean, seriously! there just toataly sick!

im really sry

i feel realli bad 4 u n im realli glad tat ur fine n back home =)<br />
hope those ppl rot in jail.

I'm just glad you are okay. It is very brave of you to share your story. Anyway, I wouldn't worry about them getting out of jail, at least not anytime soon.

How can ppl do this. What kind of sick pervert rapes ppl they grab off the street its sick!!!

Sad story. My heart goes out to u.

Sad story. My heart goes out to u.

I feel so sorry for you...

:(<br />
I'm glad that you're okay now, and I know that being touched is awful, I still can't get what happened to me out of my head, I sometimes have to sleep with my mom because Im afraid they're gonna come back for me and hurt me again. But I know that my parents will keep me safe.

Omg I am so sorry