"birthday Kidnapping"

I was kidnapped on my birthday when I was turning 14. I could give you every little detail about how I got kidnapped and what happened when I got kidnapped, though I won't do that. I had a boyfriend named Jake (not using real names), and we are still dating now. I love him to bits, and my family+Jake was what pulled me through my torture.

Everyday since the third grade I have been walking to school and that day was no different. I always meet Jake, and my best friend Delaney (not real names) at this big oak tree, though that morning I never made it to that big oak tree. You see, from my house you have to walk past like five houses, then turn right, then turn right again, and just walk down the block to reach the big oak tree. As I was rounding the first right turn (BTW there are trees along our sidewalk, great for hide-and-seek, and kidnapping) I felt a hand over my mouth and a knife point touching my back, not digging in just there waiting to strike. The man holding whispered in my ear, "Don't make a sound and I won't have to hurt you." Something in his tone told me he was not lying, so I cooperated as I felt my heart rate speed up to a million beats per minute and felt a tear escape my left eye. He guided me to a big, white van where four other masked men were waiting inside. The man holding my threw me onto the flat part of the van (it was the van where all the back seats can fold down) then an other man straddled me and pulled my head back and started to gag me, I think the moist towel they shoved in my mouth had drugs on it because it made my vision really blurry. Then the other man pulled my hands together and started duck tapping them together then he duck tapped my feet and ankles together. Then the men started kissing my face and licking my face, they only stopped when they heard people walking by, of course the voices were unfamiliar to them, but I recognized it, as Jake and Delaney's voice, I wanted t cry out, but I couldn't for two reasons, one, I was gagged and two I couldn't really think clearly because of the drugs. Then I heard their conversation and I started to cry extremely hard, (because I was already crying from being kissed by men) Jake said, "Hey, you know what I am going to do for Cammie's (my fake name) birthday?" Delaney said,"Oh yeah, huh, you never told me" "I asked the school if I could do something really special..." but then their voices started to fade. I felt so many emotions at that moment' anguish, pain, and happiness that my boyfriend had gone through all that trouble. Thinking about that reminded me that I had my phone in my pocket, and that when I got the chance I could text Jake! Then as the turned the corner two men jumped up into the front seat and started driving, and I could just see the top of the big oak tree. The three other men went back to their "buisness with me". They were just taunting me really, telling me how when we get to their house out in the middle of nowhere they were going to "play" with me. About one minute passed then my butt started buzzing (my phone was in my back pocket of my jean shorts(btw those jean shorts were seriously short)) They flipped my over and said, "Oooh, you gotta nice shaped butt!" They one of the men stuck his hand in my back pocket and read the text message out loud," Baby, where are you? Love you!" Then they started saying things like, "aww, it's to bad were gonna break his heart by killing his BABY!!" then they all cracked up. I just laid there wandering about my future and a lot of stuff. It seemed like forever until we arrived there. They pulled out a blindfold and wrapped it around my eyes. I heard them walk down steps, then they opened a door and shut it, then took off the blindfold. I saw an empty room, except for a metal bad in the center of the room. Then I knew 110% they were going to rape me. They threw me on the bed and then they read another text message from Jake, "Hey, why weren't you at school today? Is everything okay?" I wanted to scream then one of them saw that in my eyes and said,"Hey lets take off the gag, no one could hear her scream!" They all agreed and took it off, though I didn't scream, I knew I shouldn't feed it. Then one of them said,"I have her for the first hour!" Then they all started off on calling dibs. Then the one who called me first shooed them away and then said, "I have been waiting for a while now." Then he walked over to the disgusting beds with bugs crawling on it and then he pulled scissors out of his pockets and then carefully lined up the scissors bottom edge to the skin on my upper thigh where the bottoms of my jean shorts were, then had the top part touching the outer sides of the jean shorts and then started cutting up towards my hips, I started hyperventilating, I hated this guy so much already. He then made the final cut and cut the very top of the jeans. Then very slowly unraveled them so I was lying there in the bed with underwear, a bra and a shirt on. Then he took the scissors and did the same thing to my shirt. I was then lying there in my underpants and my polka-dot bra. He told me this is what I'd be wearing until I die. He then slid down on of my bra straps then the other. Then he pulled it down very slowly and then gasped as he saw my growing breasts he said these exact words, "I picked the perfect chic, she sexy, got a boyfriend, and is feisty." He said that more muttering to himself. Then he pulled down my underwear so slowly a snail could have circled the bed three times! (maybe I exaggerated just a little but that's what it felt like to me!) When I was finally naked he started to uhh, "play" with me. But before he did that he got naked himself. He then straddled me and started to kiss and lick my left breast. He then told me to spread my legs apart. Of course I struggled but he was a grown man and I was just a 14 year old girl. He finally got them stread, then started rubbing my vagina. I was so glad I shaved down there! He then started to kiss me I kept my lips smashed together until he pulled up the scissors that were lying on the bed and pushed them up against my throat. Then I cooperated for the sake of my life. I hated this. It would last hours. Then other men would come in and kiss me and touch me. Then when I needed to take a shower then would ***** me (just take off my bra and underwear) and then throw me into cold water with shampoo and conditioner. I would get three minutes. When ever they would rape me I would always picture my friends and family and imagine how hard they were looking for me, I knew I couldn't give up on them. Then after a few months of torture I started to get fed up with it. I started defying them. Then in the fourth sex round of the day the man punished me. He just pulled the scissors off the ground (they kept weapons for times when I got like that), then he pulled my hair and started cutting it, like really short. I am talking above the shoulders short. All the other men who saw me that day said I look "sexier than ever." I ALWAYS hated it when they told me I was sexy of something. Every night when they would lock me in the pitch black room I would cry and cry for hours. I would miss my mother and father and my big brother (fake name: Josh) and Jake and Delaney and all the other friends that I haven't included in this. After hours I would finally fall asleep and have night mares. But after a few months they didn't just rape me, they would beat me with a leather belt and cut me up and hit me with a baseball bat. I thought of all my possibilities of escape and I thought of which one my family and friends would encourage me to choose, the safest one was trust so I would have to do really well in the sex rounds and really well during the beatings meaning give the sex all my sexiest and all the beatings just be as quiet as possible, I thought I was pretty successful. They slowly started letting me do somethings like watch TV, sun tan, and they let me turn the lights on whenever I wanted. Then one day when they went out to go grocery shopping I picked the lock to my room (using a bobypin I found in my really short hair, which they kept cutting!) but when I opened the door I saw one man sitting outside my room and then he shoved me back in my room and then ******** me threw me in bed and then brought out something that hasn't EVER been brought out before with me, the shackles, he shackled my a=wrists and ankles to the metal posts on the beds. I couldn't escape now. Luckily, a few days before they were planning on killing me, I hear REALLY REALLY loud thuds on the door and then shouts saying "FBI OPEN THE DOOR" this part was like nothing in the shows, as soon as my captures heard, they ran down into the room I was in and pulled out the gun, then pushed up against my temple and sent a few men to unshackle me. You see, the FBI was there for drug trade they thought my case was a dead end. They thought I had been slaughtered in someone's van or something. Then instead of panicking I saw my beautiful boyfriend Jake talking to me. The FBI was searching the house but, my captures were still trying to escape with me, they opened the door and slowly walked up the steps as they heard footsteps coming down the stairs as they said "clear" then the man holding the gun to my head shouted, "DON'T SHOOT ME I HAVE CAMERON __________" The FBI agents hustled around the corner and they saw me, keep in mind I still in my bra and underwear, and they saw all the hickey marks and beating scars and some burn scars, one of the younger ones went wide-eyed for a second and then gained his composer. I wasn't crying I was trying to slow my breathing and keep calm, then I swallowed. I felt so much come over me in this situation. First of all I WAS SCARED AS HECK!!! because I didn't know what the psychopaths were going to do. Then an FBI officer said, "We don't want this to end bad for either of us, so you could give us the girl and we'll give you your life, sound fair?" he was obviously the leader but he said this like he was a first grade teacher making a deal with a student! Then the man holding me said, "Ehhh, I don't know she's a sexy chic" and the men on my side all nodded in agreement. They FBI agents just pondered the situation. I felt angry now! The men on my side were starting to leave! I would know because I am the one walking with them, then as they man holding the gun turned away for a millisecond we all heard two gunshots, one was the FBI agent shooting the man holding me and the other one was the man holding me shoot me, though the bullet had already hot him so his arm had moved. The bullet hit my in the shoulder. Then the other FBI agents shot the other men down. I fell to me knees, for multiple reasons, one the pain in my shoulder was excruciating and second knowing that it was all over, but then I felt a hand putting pressure on my shoulder and I looked up, expecting to see one of my captures, but it was just an FBI agent, the younger one actually, and then another one said ,"can someone grab her clothes", I surprised I hadn't passed out yet. The doctor said it was because I was in shock. I just was muttering random things which were identified as PB&J which was my favorite sandwich at the time, Jake my boyfriend, and family. this is how they say it came out,"Fam-PB-Jake" I had no idea why I said that, but then I responded to what the FBI officer said I said, "They're all cut up." Then I passed out. I woke up in a hospital bed surrounded by all the people I loved. I say my mother, father, brother Josh, Jake, Delaney and other people outside. It was actually pretty funny because they all jumped up at the same time! They all hurried over to the edge of my bed to hug me, but when I tried to sit up, I got really dizzy. And then my mother said, "Oh yes, the doctors told us to tell you minimal movement." Then my parents asked for five-minutes with me. They asked me what happened, but it had happened so recently that I really couldn't talk about it. They understood and we just talked about other studd and after about thirty-five minutes they said I could have time alone with Josh, Jake and Delaney. Though during my parent's conversation it was all small talk so I won't include it in this. Though Jake asked some questions that I can remember how he said it. When the three of them walked in the room I couldn't help but smile. Jake looked a little sad, but Delaney was smiling and Josh was crying. I didn't understand why Jake wasn't smiling. "Jake, whats wrong?" I asked him "I was just wandering, on the day you went, er, missing were you in that big, white van that was shaking but then when we walked by it got really still and then when we rounded the corner it drove away?" A lump formed in my throat and I started crying. He didn't need a verbal response. He nodded and then got really mad at himself then I told him to sit by me. He did. I told him, it wasn't his fault, there was nothing he could have done. He smiled and then put on a happy face for me. I loved him even more when he did that. Then Delaney sat on the bed and just patted my arm. That was all she needed to do but that wasn't all. "I missed you SO MUCH!!" Then she burst into tears. I hugged her back and said, "I missed you to! But we aren't away from each other anymore, just like my soul mate and I aren't away anymore." "OMG! That was so sweet." Then we had a friend re-union that I am not going to post up here. Then when I had my alone time with Josh he asked me to tell him the whole story. Me and my brother have always had a connection so I just shot into the story just like I did here. His teeth were gritted and he was crying at the end of it. Then I said, "But it's okay, I'm fine now." "It's not that, it's just when I was in school, you were being raped." He said and broke into tears. It broke my heart to see him like that. Then the doctors came in and Josh had to leave. Then I was informed on all of my medical, which I'm not gonna post up here. Then the FBI came in and questioned me for the case because one of the men wasn't killed. I scared me knowing that he was in the same hospital as me, knowing what had happened to me. I wanted to see him and punch him in the gut ten times harder. After that I went through therapy to overcome my silly fears of new people and things like that also, the man who survived was sent to jail, but I had to testimony which I hated. Now, I have almost returned to my old self. My birthday is so much more than it was before.
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im soo happy u survived

This is the first story that has had such an impact on me. I had tears in my eyes reading this. I'm so proud of you & I really do pray that the people that did this 2 you got thru 10x worse crap. No one deserves to be hurt or raped..

this is seriously one of the saddest stories i have read. you had me in tears. your so strong and lucky to have supporting family and friends. god bless you.

How long were u taken? I am so sorry u had to go through that.

How long were u taken? I am so sorry u had to go through that.

Oh my gosh, that it is terrible, I am so happy though that you stayed strong through it all !

Thank you, I am really happy that I am reunited with my family and I am really grateful that I did survive.

I am so glad you survived. Oh the pain those idiots caused you, I'm so happy you were reunited with the ones you love most.

Awww sweety, it must have been tough! It must be so great to have the best people in the world in your life to support you through everything :)