This story was extremely recent, so I'm going to do the best that I can to share this story in its entirety.
Four years ago, when I was nine, my school was invaded. We had the normal lockdown procedures, but I was headed to the restroom when they sounded the alarm. Terrified, I locked myself in a stall and huddled there for hours. Then, I knew this wasn't a drill. A guy came in to the restroom and started talking. He peaked under the stall and saw me. Yanking me out by the hair, he started cussing at me. Then, he pressed a gun to my back.
"You keep quiet and walk out willingly, or you're dead," he growled.
I nodded, scared, and started to walk down the hall. Soon, we arrived at his car. He shoved me in the trunk and drove off. I cried and cried and cried. After a few hours, he stopped the car and it was in the middle of nowhere. He bound me, and then I started screaming.
"You little *****!" he whispered and punched me in the gut.
I couldn't breathe, and he gagged me. He threw me over his shoulder and began walking. After about thirty minutes, he put me down. Then, he unbound and ungagged me. He told me to undress, and I said no. He said he would give me one more chance before he punished me. I still refused. Then, he ripped my clothes off. He raped me there. I screamed and begged and pleaded that he wouldn't hurt me, but that just made him go harder.
Later, he bound me up again, leaving my clothes off, and took me back. This time, there was a van and the car was nowhere in sight. He put me in the back, where a gang of five men was waiting. He drove off, and they "played" with me. Licking, kissing, spanking, everything. They beat me. It was just horrible.
Finally, we pulled up to a group of apartments. Somehow, they got me inside without anyone noticing. The apartment they went to would be a living hell for me. Each day, I was raped, beaten, starved, and tortured. I was fed about once a week and most of my time was spent in bed. After they had their fun each day, they would find a new way to torture me (usually sexually). This went on for a long time. I was even sort of a prostitute. Their apartment became some sick ***** club, as more and more girls were brought in. I wanted to talk to them, but if I did, I'd be killed.
After four years (3 days ago) I was freed by policemen that were checking the house for drugs.
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Why was the school on lock down and what happened when the police got to where your where being hold and did they get the men?

Humans are a WEAK-PATHETIC-DISEASE THINKING THERE STRONG AND POWERFUL DOING THIS TO A NINE YEAR OLD GIRL INVADING A SCHOOL AND STILL THINKING THERE MEN HA THERE IS A HELL AND IT AWAITS THEM JEEZEZ THIS STORY HAS GOT A LOT OF STUFF IN IT THAT ARE SOME OF THE REASONS I DO NOT CALL MY SELF HUMAN be happy in the knowledge girl that there government-police and hahaha "human right's" and there god can not not protect them from hell and the torture that awaits them. I'm very glad your home now.

I am so happy you are home safe you are an amazing person and please live your life knowing that God loves you and that you are a good person.

god bless you i am about to cry just reading your story so i hope you live a happy life for all of time.

OMG thats horrible were you and the other girls sent to hspital straight away

i always wanted my school to be invaded by like al qada or some robbers and then id some how save the hot chicks or somthing! u know eighth grade **** that is imature but this........SICK!! if ya ever need to talk bout feelings and stuff im here.

Why would you want that?
Didn't you just read what this lil girl went through?

well ya but i save the day member? so its all good -.-

theres not much to for a person to say when something like that happens. People can say their sorry all they like but it dosnt change things.It hurts to put through something like that but you are now a stronger better person than before this. You grow up long before anyone should have to and God bless you for living through that.Having to be put through that and still being able to live your live makes you a person I greatly admirer.

wait they had little girls wow they ******* sick and gross really gross im sorry for you

Wow you went thru alot like me I hope you are ok. May the Lord keep you safe.

Wow I can't Imagin all the pain u went thru. I'm sorry that this had to happen to u !! Will thank god ur ok and alive till this day ! I hope those men are locked up for their rest of there Lifes !!! Will anyways god bless u !!!