Mistaken Identity?!

I was about fifteen at the time.
Long black hair (past my waist), 5'3", about 110.

I lived in a very small Ohio town, with a population about 200 (or less back then).

It was a clear beautiful day, this happened around 4 p.m.
I was walking with two girlfriends.
We were in the street, facing traffic, walking past a gas station, to get to the side walk.

I was slightly winded from walking, and talking.

I heard a car stop quickly; almost behind us. I thought nothing of it, so I didn't turn around.

Next thing I know, someone grabbed me from behind, pinning my arms down, knocking the breath out of me, as he tightly put his arms around me. He picked me up, in a big tight bear hug!

I froze!!!

My friends were screaming my name (they should have been screaming 'help' for me)!

I couldn't scream, because I couldn't breathe!!!

My mind started racing, I thought maybe this is a friend of mine that just got their license? Joke right?!

He tried to force me into the front seat of his car, feet first; into a blue station wagon.
For a moment I thought it was our station wagon, and all this was still a joke!
Then I noticed the car was a slightly darker shade of blue, and there was corn dust all over the seat.


I managed too move my left hand up, just enough to touch my attackers arm.
It felt very hairy, and he smelled of b.o.
None of the guys I knew had arms with wirey hair like this.


I started to struggle, trying to wrythe out of his arms (but he had such a tight hold, I couldn't move), I kicked my feet around, to no avail.
I could feel my hair was caught on a button on his clothing. (Brass button on his overalls)
I couldn't scream! I couldn't breathe!

He tried to force me into his car, feet first.
My stomach dropped as I tried to kick off the side of the driver's seat, but I missed it!
My feet slid along the seat.
I was terrified!

I managed to bend my left leg back far enough to try to blow his horn with my foot.
I missed!
I got my foot stuck in the steering wheel, and it knocked my flip-flop off.

My attacker backed up, to get my foot out of the steering wheel.
He also loosened his grip a bit.
(Probably getting ready to change his grip, and shove me the rest of the way into the car.)
Thankfully he backed up far enough to give me another shot at kicking off the side of the car seat!
I kicked as hard as I could!
It worked!
When I kicked off the seat my head, went up, and back, head butting him in the face!!!

We both went down to the pavement, it sounded like he cracked his skull!!!!

His body broke my fall. I was still on top of him, the landing knocked the breath out of him.
He let go of me.

I got up off of him, and turned to see who this b******d was!
I wanted to kick him!!!! But I was still out of breath!

He was about 35 - 45 years old, black hair blue eyes. He looked like he could have been related too me.

He started crying, and saying: "I'm so sorry! I thought you were my daughter! She ran away! I'm trying to find her! I'm so sorry!" he cried as he got up.
At the same time he was speaking, I retrieved my shoe from his floor board.
(That was stupid! He could have shoved me into the car!)

He quickly got in his car (blue station wagon, with rounded/curved back windows), and drove off.
My friends and I were still in shock and didn't think to get his license plate number.

I didn't tell the police. I regret that.
What if he was lying and he didn't have a daughter? What if he was really a predator? Or a kidnapper?

What if he did get me into the car? Would he have taken advantage of the situation? Or let me go?

I still have flashbacks on how strong he was.
As I remember this, I can still feel his arms around me, squeezing me, and I can't breathe.

Thank you for reading.

xbrokenheartx xbrokenheartx
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you are so brave i read almost all of your story the one about alex i have prayers for you and may god bless you

He was gonna rape you and then murder you. That is amazing you fought so hard. Great Job!

You really should feel proud of yourself!!! You saved yourself and may have put enough fear in him that kept him from trying again for a little while.

Thank you for taking the time to read my story, and comment.
I was very lucky.

Seeing this man on the news was a huge shock for me, seeing where he committed his crime was even more stunning, because this man is from the area, where my attempted kidnapping happened. https://www.google.com/webhp?tab=ww&ei=Fyf3UrKpN4O-sQSBlIHoCw&ved=0CBcQ1S4#q=Dennis+McGuire

It could have been him, he looks so much like my attacker, but I thought my attacker might have been a little older.
Older brother maybe? I wonder if he drove a blue station wagon?

Oh Honey. I am so sad that you had to go through that. And I am so happy you got away.. Did you ever have any therapy that covered that incident or others. It is so important. If trauma is not lifted through talk or psychotherapy it can take root and cause problems for many years if not forever. I received horrible traumas at the hands of my Father and during the Vietnam War in 1967-68. IT wasn't until 1997 that I was diagnosed with Chronic PTSD and Severe Clinical Depression. That's thirty years of flashbacks, nightmares, lost jobs, fights, and relationship disasters. All because I never had help. I did not know any better. So you are doing the right thing by telling your story and I salute you for your courage. If you were here i would give you a hug and and shed a tear in your behalf. Thank you for sharing.

I suffer from PTSD and depression.
This was one of many bad experiences I had from strange men.
Thank you for reading.

i'm glad your safe are you able to move on with your life?

You should have called the police. Glad that you did get away from him.

I wish I had called the Police.
But, at the time....I had already dealt with the Police, in another situation, and it wasn't worth it.
Criminals rule.
I didn't consider that fact, he could do this to others.
I wish I had contacted the Sheriff.
Thank you for reading.

I was thinking about how many other young girls he might have tried that with.

Yes, me to.
And I feel bad for that.
You have to consider, this was late 70's.
Without the complete license plate, very little could have been done.

Well, just happy that you got away.

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I would be thinking the same thing, but be blessed your still here.

You were incredibly clear minded about your escape. A lot of people would of froze. I woke up just the other morning from nightmares about being abducted by my stalker. I'm very impressed with how well you handled yourself.

Thank you.
I don't think 'this' man was stalking me, but I've had others....that were very dangerous, when I was around 23 years old. One wanted to kill me, the other was a killer, and believed I belonged to him, because I looked like his wife (whom he killed).
How are you? Are the authorities giving you any help?

Yes, the authorities are involved. They have been honest when saying it's not on the top of their list of priorities. I believe that we are getting closer to an arrest, however, I'm not optimistic as to a positive outcome.

Learn karate x-)

I did learn a little. :)

Cool! :-)

wow, sorry!

Thank you.

It's easy for predators to lie! They always have some sick backup story to try and justify their actions.

Yeah, I know that know.
I was in to much shock/trauma, to think clearly in that moment.
Thank you for reading.

I can imagine! We cannot trust very easily at all, it makes life very hard! I am glad you are okay!

It makes more sense if he's telling the truth since he looked like someone who was related to you. And it also makes sense if he kind of made everything harsher if he was a pretty abusive father which made the daughter run away.

Thank you!
I think that was my fist knee jerk reaction, when he was lying on the ground crying.

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Wow. I admire your strength- with such vivid detail, you must relive this in your mind often... What an experience! ...Brought tears to my eyes

Thank you for reading!
I only re-live it when I hear news about a missing child like Jessica Ridgeway.
Then it hits me all over again, how lucky I was.

I pray for the families, touched by tragedies such as this.


like I always tell my daughters, carry mace or pepper spray perfume in a spray bottle

Hi redtailfree48,
Thank you for reading!
Yeah, you never think it can happen to you....until it (almost) does!
Just make sure they know how to use it!

HOLY CRAP! thats CRAAAAZZZYYY. I've always been afraid of something like that happening to me. i bet you went and started a self defense class after that! I am so glad you got away, that he didn't hurt you more. don't beat yourself up over what cannot be changed. Its a damn good thing you didn't wind up in the car. You can still tell authorities about this. How long ago was it?? Did you tell your parents?

It was decades ago. Still haunts me.
I should have reported it to the Sheriff, but I had already been through some bad experiences. The court system didn't do anything to a man that tried to run me down with his car.
I didn't think they'd do anything to this guy, either.
I wonder if he had ever hurt anyone, else, and if the description of him, and his car, would have ever been an important lead.
I didn't tell my Mom, until a few years ago. Back then, I was afraid she wouldn't let me out of the house.
Thank you for reading.

Man that sucks about the court systems. They should do something about that, justice should always prevail.

I really wish I could think of something better to say besides I'm pissed off on your behalf. ((HUG))

So sorry you had to go through this but please don't knock yourself up about getting number plate as you were doing what you did to save yourself.

Thank you.
I just hate that, I let him get away!
I wish I would have thought to grab the keys, and thrown them!

Don't keep going over it you'll only make yourself feel worse and I don't really think any 15 yr old girl would thought about keys or number plates just got herself to safety if could.

Oh my goodness, I'm so glad you are safe. What happened to you is horrible. That excuse is bull, he probably already had it planned in case something went wrong. <br />
<br />
In my case, as you read in one of my previous comments, i new my rapist and maybe you're right out of fear i denied it. I do feel dirty till this day. Even when i shared it, the person was a bit doubtful because of my age. Why didn't i tell anyone? why didn' i scream? I was 15, i knew it was wrong? He also didn't believe that i don't remember the details. That was the last time i shared it with anyone.<br />
<br />
I still have nightmares sometimes. I also know he is a father now (my rapist) and i fear for his daughter.<br />
<br />
Thank you for sharing your story.

I am so sorry you went through that! I fear for his daughter as well!

I have been through a lot more than I have posted. I'm trying to get the courage to list it all.
I do know, that a few times...I couldn't tell anyone, what some men have done to me (or tried).
I couldn't tell anyone, because I felt so ashamed, and that I would be the blame.
Only one raped me.
But they all left their mental marks on me.
I hated myself......still do.
I feel used.
I have always been 'girly girl' (or try to be), but that's because I'm a girl.
They all made me HATE being a female!!!

omg glad u are alive hope u stay safe

Thank you. I was very lucky!

Hes lying about the daughter thing. I mean who would shove their daughter into their car? They would just tell them to get in.<br />
<br />
Im glad you're safe :)<br />
<br />


I agree, I think he was lying.
I wish I would have reported it!!!
Especially since I had at least two witnesses, maybe more, I didn't ask any of the men in the auto shop if they saw anything.
I was in too much shock to do anything. I just wanted to go home and hide.

I'll edit it later, but if anyone is wondering how I could 'smell' him and not be able to breathe....I managed to get just enough air in to smell, but not to speak or scream!

I was almost on the verge of passing out, because I was kicking so much.

I wonder if I was going to end up like Jaycee Dugard, or dead?

Thank you for taking the time to read and comment!

Wow! You're lucky that you got away! You have a way with words, I was able to play out the whole event in my head. Having his arms wrapped around you is all too familiar; The same thing happened to me when I was kidnapped several years ago.<br />
<br />
I call BS on his runaway daughter excuse, because if it was the case, who just randomly grabs their kid off the street and shoves them into the car without saying something to them first?<br />
<br />
Anyway! Glad to know that you made it!

I'm so sorry you were kidnapped!!!!
(I was too, a few years after this happened, by a man I went out with)

I think he was BSing too; I regret not going too the police!
I was VERY lucky!

I hope you have healed from your terrible experience!

I won't deny that it was hard at first, but I'm very much over it. Mind you, my parents can still be a bit overprotective, (even though I'm turning 26 this year...) if I don't call them every week they start to worry. And GOD FORBID I go on vacation anywhere where I become unreachable!

Thank you Beth!<br />
<br />
I wish I would have grabbed his keys from his ignition, and threw them.<br />
Then call the go get the police.<br />
(No cell phones, or 911 back then. VERY small town!)<br />
<br />
Two other men tried almost kidnapped me, later on.<br />
They made my life HELL!<br />
I dated one of them, the other thought I looked like his wife (he killed her).....I really thought he was going to kill me too!<br />
<br />
My story is too long to post here. I wrote about it on another site.<br />
<br />
Thank you for reading!<br />

OMG! I'm so sorry that happened to you. As I was reading your story, I could see it playing out, in my minds eye and it was actually starting to scare me; and I'm just reading! I can not imagine how you felt. I would have had a heart attack.<br />
<br />
Thank God you got away from this son of a *****. And for the record, GOOD EXCUSE! Gotta hand it to the damn liar! He came up with a good one, "I thought you were my daughter. She ran away." That is bullshit! I wouldn't believe that for a minute.<br />
<br />
He was trying to kidnap you, so he could probably take you somewhere and rape or kill you. The main thing is, you got away. I wish someone would shoot that bastard!!! Bless your heart!<br />
<br />