My Sister And Me Story

i was beat and abused but this was too much, im a boy... heres the story, me and my sis were walking from my friends house and a van that was hell came up to us and nether of us saw the van coming all of a sudden we were in the van tied up and gagged they started talking then stared beating my sister she cried for me to help but they held me back i got passed them and hit there legs then they said&t; why you little then he throw me at the back and i fainted... i woke up in a basement my sis was next to me she was knocked out thogh i woke her up ;wha; she said then stared crying and i hugged her and told her it going to be ok then

part 2 of hell began they untied my sis and then pulled out a knife one tossed it to the other then that other stabbed me my little sister begged to leave me alone they did then they took my sis upstairs all i herd was crying and laughing they came down stairs with blood and there hands then they said well your next right then i thought they raped her and they did they undid my bounds then tried to take me up stairs i grabbed the knife and ran upstairs worst scene in my life i saw

part 3 of pure hell i bent down and picked up my sister shes still alive they said but your not they stabbed me right then i fainted....

part 4 a great light great hope i woke up and i started freaking out i was in the hostile and i said were is my sister they didnt answer but then a girl jumped on me and cried in my chest its sis i thought i hugged her and she said we did make it out alive... then after 2 days in the docters care we got out of the place we are happy now and thats my story
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What is wha

yes i did me and my sister

i still want to murrder the kidnapers tho