I Thought I Would Never See My Family Again.

I was at my trailer park when it happened.It was around 8 at night so nobody was around.I was playing at the park,by myself.This guy came up to me and asked me if I had seen his son.I said no and turned around.He grabbed me by the shoulder and put this cloth on my mouth.It smelled funny.I don't remember what happened next.All I know is that I woke up,lying on a steal bed,with the guy staring at me.He said that I was now in my new home.I realized that there was three other steal beds.The guy then said to me that my new name was Suzan.My hair colour is black and my eye colour is blue.I was so freaked out.I had no idea what he meant.My hair colour is brown and so is my eye colour.He grabbed me and I realized that I was tied up.He ******** me.I thought that he was going to rape me,but he didn't.He just put a black tank and black shorts on me.He gave me a pair of blue contacts and a long black wig.My new hair and eye colours.He told me that the wig and contacts were only for when we went out in public.He then gave me a journal and said that I had to write in it everynight at bedtime.He untied me and pushed me towards another room.In it there was three other girls.A girl with red hair came up to me.The guy said that her name was Sarah.We played in this room.
I think I had been in the room for about an hour.The guy came in and took Sarah.She didn't seem to care.I went up to a girl with brown hair, like mine.She said her name was Sophie.We played together until dinner.At dinner,Sarah returned and the guy lead us to this "Cafeteria".There was a woman there.She looked like she was his wife.The girl with blonde hair, that I had not talked to yet,came up to me.She said her name was Stacey.She told me that the woman had been kidnapped too.
At bedtime,we wrote in our journals.I was so freaked out.In the morning,we went for breakfast in the cafeteria.The woman was there again.After that,we went to the room where we played.Around the same time as yesterday,the guy came in.He grabbed me this time.I started screaming so he hit me.He brought me to a room.The room was dark and smelled weird.He then told me to get naked.I refused,so he slapped me again.I started taking off my clothes and so did he.I was so scared.He lied me down on the floor and raped me.
This is what happened for the next six months.We would get up,eat breakfast,go play,and on every fourth day(for me)have to have sex with the guy.After that we would eat dinner,play for a little longer,then go to bed.On occasions,we would go out and play at the park.We would have to wear our wigs and contacts and if we said anything about being kidnapped,he said that he would kill us.
I started acting like this was my normal life,but I was always scared.I wanted to run up to people on the street and ask for help.I wanted to call 911 to get help.But I never did,because I was scared that the guy would find out and kill me before I could escape.Then one day,the police came to the house.The guy told us to watch tv upstairs,so it would look like a normal family.None of us refused because we never got to watch tv.The police asked to be alone with us.The guy walked away but gave us all a look that said:Don't say anything.The police officer asked us one by one if we had anything to say.We all shook our head saying no.But when it came to the woman,she yelled out that we had been kidnapped.The next thing we knew,the guy had a gun and shot the woman.We all started screaming and crying.The police officer shot the man.It was over.We took off our wigs and took out our contacts.The police officer lead us to his car.He called all our parents saying that he had found us.When we got to the police station,all our families were waiting there.I ran up to mine.I had never been so happy in my life.
I spent six months with that pshycho path.The worst thing is that I spent my birthday with him.You see I was kidnapped when I was 11 and was found when I was 12.I'm 13 now and have a therapist.My therapist told me to write this story to help me move on.And all though I will never be able to forget what happened to me,this has helped.
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A similar thing happened to me a few years back I can tell you that even though you are probably never going to forget what happened you can get better to me you are coping a Lot better than I did you seem brave. Keep your head. Up

I really feel 4 u I couldn't imagine the pain you went through

The funney smell on the rag was chloroform. Its sad that so many bad people can get a hold of that drug. people almost never use it for good perposes. :(

how do people get that? shouldn't there be restrictions against anyone that would get it for personal or unsupervised reasons? I mean if someone were to sell that he should at least supervise on the use of it!

Chloroform is highly restricted. It's extremely hard to get a hold of, and the amount it would take to knock someone out is almost the same amount that would kill them. I always have such a hard time believing stories that have the chloroform-soaked rag element, because it's hard to obtain, takes a LONG time to knock someone out, and will most likely kill the victim (cardiac arrest). What they portray in the movies is NOT true at all.

this story is so amazing. you are a very brave girl. god bless you and im glad your home with your family. if i ever got kidnapped i would be so scared and i dont know what my parents would do. your parents are very lucky to have you back. god bless you sweetie!

Omg sorry to hear that how can people say that get over it what he hell is wrong with them you are so brave thew out that year i would of leg it but i would of been scared to. have you talked to other people being kidnapped it help to know there people like you in the world you are not alone get better soon much love from here

wow i have never heard something like this before i feel so sorry for you yeah you are the braveist person ive ever know tell those people who say move on to shut up they dont know what you when trew hope you gett beter move love frm here.

oh my gosh. you are so brave. im sorry that u had to expierence that, no on should have too. but im glad that ur hoe safe with ur family:)

That is so sad! Im sooo happy that your alive&fine!!! Your so brave, I hope that this should not happen to me one day, but if it does, i will remember you, and try to be as brave as u. I hope u dont mind if i use this as my speech in class... xxx Lots Of Love

Im soooo sorry this happened to you did the woman live? Btw, im not a 65 year old man im really a 10 yr girl XD

No the woman did not live.Thats the worst part.She died for us and I feel like I never did anything for her in return.

i think your very brave, your one of my hero's... good luck to you

thanks.I was so scared when I was kidnapped.Thank you for saying goodluck.Most people just tell me to get over it.It means alot to me to be one of your heroes