26 Months Old

I don't remember this experience but my mom remembers it vividly.  I was 26 months old and my family and I were at a private lake/resort in Northeast Ohio.  My sister (who is 2 years older than me) and I were sitting in the sand by the water doing what little kids do.  My parents were nearby, sitting on a blanket enjoying the beautiful sunshine keeping an eye on us.  They looked away for a moment and when they looked back, I was gone!  My mom ran to the sand and asked my sister where I was.  Of course she was busy playing in the sand and wasn't even paying attention.  My mom then starting looking for my little blonde head bobbing out in the water -- the she heard me crying.  She followed the sound of my tears and found me.  Some lady, who had 4 older boys, had me wrapped head to toe in a blanket and they were shoving chairs and coolers into their vehicle getting ready to leave.  My mom said, "Excuse me but I think you have my daughter there in that blanket."  The lady handed me over as she said, "Some mother you are, she was out in the lake about to drown."  Of course my mom knew this was a huge lie but she was so grateful to get me back.  She has often said, "That woman had 4 boys and I know in reason she was determined to get a girl."   Mom never called the police or pressed charges but it makes you wonder, did the woman do it again?  This is the basis for my psychological thriller titled BE CAREFUL WHAT YOU WISH FOR, out now in paperback.  It's a great story available on Amazon and at Barnes & Noble.

Thanks for listening.

R. K. Avery

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Oct 4, 2011