My Missing Sister

ok i know i wrote other stories but this one is..... well my sisters been missing and she hasnt been found by cops so heres my side of the story by the way were older im 17 shes 13
i yelled for my sister to come down stairs she came and we were off to are trip to are moms house stupidly we went at night and we herd a noise and it was a van and it was follow us sis i think some one following us we were allmost there and the van made its move all i herd was my sister screaming my name SIS I yelled i ran after the van i cought it by i was hit in the face with a bat last words i herd was your sister is ours now i fell off the van and i broke my arm and leg im recovering sorry the storys short
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4 Responses Oct 9, 2011

i agree i am soooo sorry for what happened to your sister<br />
what do you mean messed up

they found her!! she was was really messed up she need to spend 4 days in the hospitle tho she had surgery and she had bruses all over her body and she was raped and whipped all over her vagina i hate those guy and i wish they burn in hell for what they did to my sister

btw i wrote this story 4 days after the event

im not reallly 70 sorry for the cunfusein