The Death Of A Friend Brought Back Memories I Have Tried To Forget

A few moths ago I read in the newspaper about a man who was shot and killed by police in a failed back robbery, the man was my best childhood friend who I lost contact with 20 years ago.

I was kidnapped by gunpoint when I was seven years old. The stranger threatened to kill my friend if I did not get into his car, and that he'd kill both of us if either us tried to run, he also said he'd kill me if I cried or tried to alert anyone. I was smart kid, and I knew to avoid strangers but there were no other kids or adults around who could help us, and I feared for our lives so I obeyed him. I got into the car and we pulled away, I turned around and saw my friend through the window running away towards home as we drove in the other direction. I was scared out of my mind, but I didn't know what to think or do. I looked at the stranger, he had put the gun in his pocket and he would not look at me. I thought about trying to escape but I was too scared.

He took me to an abandoned neighborhood not too far from where we were at. He held me tight by the arm and dragged me into one of the houses; he forced me into an empty room and proceeded to rip my clothes off. I tried to fight him but he overpowered me easily; he left the room for just a brief second and came back with a Polaroid camera and started taking pictures me. I stood there dumbfounded, confused, crying and scared. He didn't stop to look at the pictures, he just took one after another and let them fall on the floor. He told me to stop crying or he would beat me; he then told me pose and was giving me directions on how to pose. My little brain couldn't fathom what was going on, but I obeyed him.

After what felt like hundreds of pictures he dragged me by the arm, still naked, back to the car and made me get into the trunk where he proceeded to tie my wrist and ankles and gag me. I felt the car drive and after a short amount of time I heard sirens; I heard muffled voices, and a few seconds later the trunk opens and I see a cop looking down at me calling me by name and telling me I would be okay.

As it turns out my friend had memorized the color of the car the stranger was driving and also part of the license plate number; when he ran away, he ran to the the retired police officer house who lived on our neighborhood. Within minutes of my kidnapping they were already looking for me.

They later discovered that the man who kidnapped me had done it two times before, and sadly he killed those children after having his way with them. The man got served multiple life sentences and is still in jail today.

My friend saved my life; I only wish I could have helped him. When we grew older, my family moved away; he sadly got into drugs and a lot of trouble and ultimately got himself killed.

But I remember him not only as my best friend, but the person who I owe my life too.
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Wow just wow... Sorry

i'm so sorry for your loss sweetheart-<br />
i have a simular story where my boyfriend now was exactly like your friend- until i sorted him out and moved him away from all of the violence and gang action and made him see the light.<br />
sometimes things happen that are just out of your control- i just wish you could have saved him! its not your fault and i bet he knew that if you wouldn't have lost contact that you'd of saved his life the way he saved yours! he knows that!!<br />
take care darling