My Sad Story

When i was little 7 years old i was kidnapped heres how it went first off i was walking home from school and some guy came to me and said come here kid i did not hear him i kept walking he got pissed so he drove to me and threw me in i cried he told me to shut the f*$k up i obeyed he beat me when i cried again we got to his house and he grabbed my arm and dragged me to the house i was thrown on a bed he sat next to me and he said take off your pants i sat there terrifed he yelled this time TAKE THEM OFF i cried but i took them off he picked me up and put me on his lap then he spit on his middle finger then his index finger then he said nicely take off your painties i obeyed than he put he two fingers in my vagina i cried he put his hand over my mouth to shut me up i cried than he put me down to he penis area he took off his pants next he took off his boxers than he said suck my **** i said NO he smacked me then he said try that answer again he said i shuck my head than i just licked it and i all most puked he forced me on his penis i did this for 2 hours then he tied me up to a chair and he took off the botom and he got a whip and stared whacking me with it than after awhile he left me down there in the dark after awhile i herd kids up stairs and some thing hit me it was a soccer ball a kid who was about 11 he came to get it and he saw me he gasped than he said are u ok i looked at him he saw the tape on my mouth he carried me up stairs than he called 911 so a 11 year old saved my life i thoght i was gonna be down there for years but i guess not he asked me do you like me this is about 1 month after my kidnaping i said yeah he huged me he truely loved me my parent cared less im glad i live with him not my parents thank you for letting me share ps never walk home from school alone EVER
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6 Responses Oct 17, 2011

If that didnt sound like the biggest crock i dnt kno wat is

i am sorry my town is small would that still happen because i walk home almost ever day

i walk home from school all the time

Sorry this makes me furious and worried about my girl

You were kidnapped twice??

He didn't wonder why you were in his house..? How did the guy get in? <br />
I just wonder if they knew each other..