It Changed My Life, Part Two

Sorry I had to cut it off, my computer was dying soon.

I couldn't believe my ears. I was not going to be Holly Burke, my name is ******** *******, not sharing it. I wanted my mom and my brother. I was the oldest child, I cared for my brother since my mom is suffering from depression. I take care of him a lot. 

The man with brown hair walked over to me (lets call him Mike). "Calm down, if you do everything we say. We won't hurt you." I was stunned.
"No, i want to go home," I sobbed. 
He gave a wicked smile, "You are home, lets let her calm down." the three walked out of the room. I layed there and cried. 
After I long while man no. 3 walked in with duct tape and a rag. (Let's call him Cam). He laughed, and whispered in my ear (I'll unchain you, be a good girl and get undressed queitly,) I froze, he was going to rape me! i didn't move, I started to hyperventilate. He slapped my face hard and yelled shut up *****! He ripped off all of my clothes and gagged me and chained me back to the bed. And raped me, I yelled stop. And cried. It hurt so much. My computers about to die again, the charger is broken so be continued again, 

Willowmay Willowmay
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What happen next

Did you wight the rest of what happened to you?

Wow you guys, be more supportive, what if the story is real, can you imagine how she feels?
I hope you are ok Willowmay<3

This story can't be real i was raped and still is and I'm 18

its true you couldnt have yelled stop. please dont make things up if you did. im not calling you a liar but if you did then please relize that there are people who've gone through something horrible like this before and dont apreciate that kind of thing. i was almost one of those people and i have an idea on how scary it is. its not funny to make up stories like that. now if you didnt make it up then work on your wording a little bit. you should know that you cant say stop through a gag.

It could have came out muffled, like she tried to yell stop, but she couldn't, so technically, she would still be yelling stop kinda

i agree, imagine how it feels to have been kidnapped and have somebody make up a story! i have not been kidnapped but i still have the decency not to make something like being kidnapped into a story.

You cant make up stuff like that!! How do you think people like us feel?! I was raped at the age of 8, 12, 15, 18! So dont fake up **** like that!! Or youll be sorryy!!!!!!!<br />
Who agrees with me?!

This sounds fake... If you were gagged how could you have yelled stop?

She could have tried, but the gag would make it muffled, so yeah :/

wat happened next?