i was kidnapped and raped by my teacher

I was in 6th grade. (I was like 12 yrs old) to start off, I had a male teacher named Mr.lubar(fake name) every day, he gave me looks and would sometimes wink at me. Unfortunately, I ignored it thinking it was all in my head. Until one night I had a dream about him: in the dream I was the only one in my class that one day. He had turned the lights off and started walking towards me then he raped me over and over. Since that night, I will always have a different perspective of him. One day, I stayed after school because I had to practice my instrument. He had came into the music room and asked Mrs.kigret (fake name) the music teacher if he could speak to me and of course she allowed him. I had regretfully walked out of the room with him and before I knew it he had a knife to my throat saying "come with me or I will slit your throat right here, right now" He dragged me to the school parking lot. I screamed as loud as I could but that only made him angry with me. He duct taped my mouth and wrapped rope around my body so I couldn't move. "I'm going to die" I had thought. All I could do was sit there watching my own kidnapping happen right before my very own eyes. I felt so helpless it was almost unbearable! He started the engine of the car and drove, I have no idea how long. It took forever. I mustve been asleep because when I woke up it was dark out and the car had halted to a stop. He wrestled me out of the car. I kicked and hithim but like I said that only made him threaten me with his knife some more. He threw me in a room of a house in the middle of nowhere. He tied me to a chair and ripped the duct tape off of my mouth. Immediatley I started screaming help but he held his knife to my throat again. He said "your going to have a lot of fun with me jenny(fake name)" "why did you take me" I has demanded but he just chuckled and walked out of the room. I tried screaming for help and tried undoing the knots of rope tied around me but all no use, I finally decided that I probably was going to be raped like my dream had predicted. Tears rolled down my face. It seeme to never end until he came back in the room in his boxers chuckeling again. My eyes snapped shuut. "This can't be happening" I thought. I kept them shut until I felt a wet tounge meet with my lips. I tried moving my head but his hands were too strong and they held my head in firmly in place. He dragged his tounge all across my lips and in my mouth. It was really disgusting(because I was in 6th grade) he spread his legs on my and told me to kiss him back. I refused and he said he'd rape me if I didn't. So unfortunetly I kissed him back. That took about 10 minutes then he got bored (apparently) and told me to take off his boxers or he'd rape me. I shut my eyes again and reluctantly slid off his boxers still with my eyes shut. I accidently touched his **** while doing so and I heard him inwardly sigh. "Why must this happen to me" I thought. He undid the rope around me. As I tried to escape to the door he grabbed my sleave and from the motion I was in it caused it to nearly rip off. I screamed again and fell to the floor huddled in a ball hoping he wouldn't do anything else. Of course he did. He climbed on top of me and ripped off my clothes so I wasonly in my bra and underwear. He forced me to lay down while he touched me all over. He undid my bra and started licking my ****. "Stop" I screamed over and over. I begged but he didn't budge. He ripped off my underwear and put his fingers in me going slow at first then really fast. He knew I didn't like it so he kept on doing it. He made me lick all around his **** making me gag but he shoved it in my mouth even more. He made me drink his *** and it tasted rancid. I screamed again which caused him to say to me "since you wont stop screaming, that sends only one messages towards me. Your going to get raped Jenny(again fake name) continuous tears rolled down my face as he shoved his **** into my ******. The pain is too much words will ever describe. "Please stop. Ill give you money or whatever you want just please stop" I screamed at him over and over. It never worked, he just kept on chuckeling and groaning and touching me. I felt blood all around on my body. It was horrific. He left the room finishing off with a kiss. I lay there on the floor, naked, bloody, and I had tears streaking down my face from the pain I was in. I fell asleep having nightmeres of blood and HIM. I woke up with him on top of me licking my ******. I tried moving and screaming trying to get him off of me but I couldn't. I just couldn't. I was too weak, to sad, to hurt to do anything at all. A white haze covered my vision and I couldn't feel anything but my ****** being played with. After he had finished thrusting his whole hand in my ****** over and over, he started beating me with his own body. He pushed his elbows into my neck and nearly choked the life out of me. He layed on top of me and he was really a big man, so he knocked the air out of me and I had passed out. I woke up alone in the room. I was so grateful he was gone. I staggered up, barely able to walk, and hobbled over to an airvent that I had noticed the night before. It looked about the size of my waste, maybe a little bigger. I sqieezed through (extremley uncomfortable because I didn't have any clothes on) and ended up passing an airvent that was above him. A drop of my blood dropped through the vent and landed on his head. After that I crashed through the airvent hoping to get somewhere outside. Thank the lord because I did.I scrambled outside squinting because of the sunlight. "How long have I been gone" I had asked my self. I ran through the woods that surrounded the house and came across a hospital in a small town. As soon as I walked in there nurses came rushing towards me to help me. The gave me clothing, food, water, and a place to sleep. The doctors said to me after surgery that I had fractured all of my *** bones , my elbow, my neck, broke my leg, my wrist and many other injuries. I was so happy. It was the most happy I have ever been in my life actually. I don't know what happened to mr.lubar. well actually, I do but I'm not there yet. When I had gone back to school I was greeted with a warm welcome from all of my friends. But I didn't tell one of them that I was raped, or who caused me to get all of these injuries. When I had gone to my period I had mr.lubar, I had figured there would be a permanent subsatute. But mr.lubar stood there. He winked once at me and I knew it would never end. He would be on my life for a while. He continued to harass me in school. I don't know what I can do. I hate him though. He's really, he's caused so much pain in my life. Thank you for reading
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This HAS to be fake....

Did you enjoy your rape??????????????????????

Atlest you escaped soon I was involved in human trafficking for 6 years bless you though you were 12 when I first got taken I was 17

He is an ******* for what he did please do not think of yourself any less than you did before that happend if you ever need someone to talk to a lot of people on this site would be willing including me.

THIS is scary...

I want to murder this person or shove a hot curling iron up his ***!

Listen, you need to say something even if you don't go there anymore. Trust me he probably is doing it to others and that is awful so take advantage of your experience and tell someone. Who knows what he might do to any of the girls in that school, for all you know you can save lives. Think about it

Yea do something about if and send me his address or where the school is at cause I WANNA TORTURE HIM UNTIL HE DIES FOR RAPING U

It's very brave of u to share this story with us and always keep fighting.

That's brutal

Are you ok? That sounds like a terrible experience. Thank the Lord it's all over. Hopefully. Tell your parents, pray and hope everything gets better.

I was raped too, and..well..I didn't tell.. I wish I would have but I didn't and the man got away. Its your choice if you want to tell or not, but just to put that out there😃 . Stay strong and keep fighting, you can do this!

Telling people is the first step in accepting what happened and moving on girl. You can

Sorry, what I ment to say was, you can overcome abything if you stay strong!

That really got fear into my heart. I just feel something in my hearth when I try to imagine how you felt like when he was winking at you and after the dream how you felt.Sad story.

Hey girl. I was raped too. I didn't tell anyone untill a year later. They never caught him, and I have nightmeres about him raping me again. I got pregnant. But I was 16, and my mother told me my choices. I brought a baby into the world, her name was Carmin. I was terrified, but girl. Carmin was beautiful, and I bet even after what this man did to you. Your are too.

what did he look like? And why didn't you tell other people?

I hope you are ok. Stay healthy and tell people. Dob on him

give us a name i got out of the marines 2 weeks ago i want to talk to this *****

Why didn't you tell anyone what that barstard did to you?

That's pure evil in the world


Don't worry,just tell me what his real name is,where he live,and where he works and I'll stalk him until he sleeps so I can tie him up and cut his fingers off one by one before ripping his nails off and then sew his mouth together before stapping him in his **** and then stap his eyes until it turns into a liquid-like state and then finish him off by sliting his thoat ^^

Oh how I love this comment.

killing is never the answer. in time he will pay.

I cannot believe what people will do for their own enjoyment. This guy should be in jail for what he did. You're a brave person.

I agree. I'm so sorry that happened to you!

Whenever I read stories like these, i feel so bad for the victims and disgusted toward the rapists. I know you are, or were in fear, and probably lost, but you should have reported him to the police or told your parents and the principal. (If you didn't already.) That just leaves me with no words and with many things to say at the same time ! Hope You feel better and know you aren't alone in this world. Stay strong :)

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For all the people who wish to say rude and very inappropriate comments on a story in which you don't know the truth, DON'T SAY THEM. This is supposed to be a site where people can share their experience and not be judged, and comments are supposed to have authenticity, support, and respect. Calling it a troll or made up does not help. AT ALL. Just because it does not sound real to you, doesn't mean it wasn't. SO KEEP YOUR RUDE COMMENTS TO YOURSELF, IN YOUR HEAD. NO ONE WANTS TO HEAR YOUR HATE. If you have a need to spill your hate, look at this first. http://www.experienceproject.com/community-guidelines


All the people who want to give POSITIVE support

Omfg all u stupid dicks who are saying this isnt true are ******* ******* me off! Have you met her? Are you a genius? ******* lay off

I know, I posted in the I Lost My Virginity To Rape, and someone said I was some gay person faking to be a woman and wrote that for attention.


Well I know you wouldn't make the rape part up, but I also know that a fractured neck would either paralyze or kill you. Maybe you broke your collarbone though, and that connects to your neck. I'm so sorry this happened to you. Tell friends, family, or police that it was him, and he will be punished, for sure fired.<br />
<br />
Also, in response to all the negative comments, you CAN run with a broken leg, it would just be extremely painful. And if a bloodied, naked patient walk into a hospital, I would go to help them.

it sounds fake..

u are an sshole because i think she actually went threw this and it is a horrible experience

I have the same suspicion, I was raped and this story doesn't really make logical sense. The hospital staff would not treat you and let you walk out without reporting what happened to the police. A lot of the things in this story don't add up.

Instead of judging whether or not her story is true (and as a rape victim myself, I can promise you no one would make this kind of thing up), we should all be offering the support she deserves. This kind of experience stays with you forever, and I am so sorry this happened to you, especially being so young. I can also say from experience that sometimes parents don't see things they don't want to and will more readily believe a lie than the truth, when the truth is terrible. Know, though that you need support to get through this. It took me 3 years to realize this but I finally have and I a doing so much better now that I have found someone to trust with my story and to help with all of it. You are incredibly strong, but even the strongest need help sometimes.

Oh god rape is truly terrible and awful when it happens to you. Why would you make up this story? Even a child would have told there parents what happened you obviously being gone for at least a day. Your parents would have also asked. Doctors cannot perform surgery without your parent say you were only in your 7th year. Dear god this story is terrible... i'm sure people have experienced things like this. why would a man ever rape a 6th grader? The world is ridiculous.

oh my gosh. i would kill him. i'm so sorry.

I have to admit it does sound real, but also a bit unbelievable. I mean I speak from experience I have been raped by one of my brothers friends once and it is horrible, but maybe that story is true but with some stuff added in. I mean if this has happened to her it is dreadful

If this is real, then I feel horrible for you.
If not, shame on you for creating such a horrible tale. People actually have gone through this, and I'm sure they wouldn't appreciate seeing this after going through being R****.

True I mean it does sound believable and inbelivale at the same time and me I mean I have actually Ben raped by my brother friend and if the is made up its sick

What a troll I do not believe you

This is obviously fake!
1) If you screamed while you were on school probity then surely somebody would of heard you.
2) What vent leads outside a house?
3) How could even run through a woods while you fractured your bones and even your leg! If your leg was fractured then how did you manage to run?
4) If this really happened then you would of told your parents and the police.

TROLL!! Rape is not something to joke about,so please do us all a favour and KILL YOURSELF!!

Please don't say that, you are increasing suicide.

Look even if she was lying, you should never tell anyone to kill themselves. As bbygotback said, your increasing the chances of her committing suicide.

I agreed up to kill yourself. Rape is serious but suicide is serious to! I have tried to commit suicide many times anybody promoting another human to kill themselves has serious issues. Do you think about the effects? Wow. Troll or not you are mean.

Are you serious? No one would EVER MAKE UP A RAPE STORY. EVER. And do you know how many times I tried to commit suicide because I was raped? Millions. And i'm still trying. I'm sure she did too! You feel like it's your fault that someone would do this to you! So do her a favor and leave her ALONE.

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hey maybe you guys its true. i mean if it is i know how she feels and how horrible and sick it feels to have someone older than you abuse you like that. to feel as if you have no control over it. as if its you fault and this is happening for a reason. but if its not then it is sick. i mean i was also raped by a teacher. when i was 15 i had a math teacher his name was Dylan( real name) and i had a massive crush on him. one dya he said to me if i could stay behind because i had to do a maths test becasue i was ill and missed it. so i sat down and began. halfway through i had a problem and called him over. he came and sat next to me and explained the question. when i understood i started writing again. his hand was on my shoulder, he slid it down to my leg. i looked at it, then at him. when i looked at him he said, ¨you dont know how long i´ve wanted to be alone with you¨. i laughed because i thought he was jocking. then he kissed my cheek, his hand running up my leg. i tried to get up but he pushed me down. ¨im not gonna hurt you,¨ he said. then he kissed me. i let him kiss me because i had a crush on him. but then his hand went to me shirt and started undoing the buttons. i jumped out of the chair, and walked over to the door to leave. but he just blocked my exit and pushed me to the floor. i screamed but he coverd my mouth, and then he raped me. i had never felt so ashamed and in so much pain in my life. i felt sick, i wanted to die right there. to not have this man touching me and raping me. when he finished he said to me if i ever told anyone i would be sorry. he walked out the classroom ¨see you tomorrow,¨he said. i stayed on the floor for a bit then i jumped up and yanked my clothes on. i was crying. i grabbed my bag and raced out of the class. i wanted to be home. when i left the school and ran home my brother opened the door for me. when he saw the blood on my clothes he yanked me inside and said ¨what happened to you?¨ i couldnt help telling him ¨i got raped!¨i cried. he walked up to me and hugged me while i cried against him. he told me we had to go to the police, i agreed. even though dylan told me not to i had to report him. my brother 23 jeremy drove me to the police station. when we got there, i told them everything.
the next day at school when i enterd and went to maths class dylan wasnt there. when i got home and put the tv on and watched the news i found out he had been arrested.
but thats my story, if jenny is telling the truth with her story even though its a bit unbelivable then i know how she feels. if she isnt she´s sick. so sick.

Well that\'s the difference. What you write sounds credible and realistic and my heart goes out to you. What jenny? wrote is obviously bogus. There are a lot of us discussing this with one person strangely silent. The author! Probably because they are laughing their ***** off at getting us all wound up. I think we have exhausted this thread now. Nuff said yeh?

"I'm sorry that happened to you, i'm however proud of you for sticking up for yourself and not being afraid to let your brother know what happened. know that you are not alone and if you need anybody people are here."

This is a troll, dont feed the troll guys.

You are so sick for making something like this up. This is not something to joke about. If you have some disgusting fetish for writing like this, you can take it somewhere else. There are real people here with real issues and real stories. This made up trash is just spitting in their faces.
PS: If you do aspire to write, proper English will get you far.

She never made it up

What is wrong with you people can't you just be nice maybe it is bs maybe it's not but she put it out there for the world to se and you give her **** for it I have been through a lot to and if I went through as little as she did and read Thea's I would be wanting to kill myself have you no respect for what she even went threw I wish you all shame. And if you really want to get out of somewhere as badly as she did your body ignores the pain. But shame on all y'all. And girl I know where your coming from and you need to tell because if you don't then he's going to make other girls go threw what you went threw.

Lizzie, read it again, its obviously fiction, she gets to hospital in that state, all the nurses rush to, and the police dont get involved! Come off it! Then she says she dont know what happened to mr.lubar, then she does. She is changing the story while she is writing it. I read it twice carefully before I said it was badly written rubbish and I\'m not changing my mind. This crap is taking the **** out of REAL victims.

exactly maybe its true and shes exagerating a bit. but come on if this has happend to her, then its obviosuly going to be humiliating i shiyuld know.

Badly written rubbish

If this is real you must tell someone I would have told if this happend to me

Sad sad sad

If it is true you exaggerated some of it and I hope you feel alright. Please tell someone.

This is beyond bs. Not a chance in hell you are going to run through a forest with a broken leg, broken ***, and a broken neck.

BS level: over 9000

maybe she did but her bone werent so broken she couldnt walk

How would it be not so broken but all the sudden IT'S BROKEN! Seriously this is a troll don't feed the trolls.

im so sorry this happened 2 u...i have been there...

It's a troll...

This is a lie. If that really happened you would have never posted it. Nice troll

maybe she felt like she needed to tell someone

Read it again there is so much obvious mistakes in it... it's a troll

You know, you need to tell someone because raping someone with a weapon is 15-20 years in prison. Even more since he was your teacher, and you were a minor. So if you tell someone, and he gets convicted, he will be in jail for about 50 years.

he should off bin fired and sent to jail! did u tell anyone bout this honey. hope ur alright! if he harass's u knee him in the ****! xxxx

This is so sad, I feel your pain. I wish you all the best of luck and I hope you recover from such a tragic event. You really need to tell someone one you can trust and get you some help, because later on in life you will, be thankful that you did. And as for your teacher he needs his *** in a prison cell.

honey people can help and if you tell someone they can help tell your parents and dont listen to fatimou you should tell your headmaster and you are not hurting anyone by doing that and you dont have to apologise for doing it this will help you i have been raped by a teacher aswell so i know how you feel. his name was dani and i hade a crush on him one day he asked if he called talk to me so i went into his clase and he said "i really need some help with some science papers"i agreed to help him because i loved him after 30 min he sat next to me and said "it makes me angry seeing you with the other boys"so i looked at him he put his hand on my knee and then he kissed me then he got a bit aggresive he picked me up and threw me against the wall and he said "you will enjoy it"so he yanked my clothes off and i screamed but he hit me he thretend to kill me then he raped me

that is really said you really need to tell someone people can help and he will go to jail forever and you should tell your parents they can help

That is so sad:( honey u need to tell someone u might be nervous but it is the right thing to do atleast he would be locked up.

It's a troll!!!

you were so brave having to go through all of that. I'm upset about what has happend to you he is a jerk and a pedafile
good luck honey

if this story is real just run ur pen through his neck

oh my god <br />
you ought 2 enjoy it !!<br />
at least u know it s one chance you lost ur ********* so do it again honey ,,<br />
u ll get addicted to it and never ever gonna stop ;)

You need to tell someone this man should be in jail for this horrific crime no one deserves to be treated like this I hope he rots in hell

Thank u guys so much for your care and concern. Ponies I suggest that u avoid staying with him alone, if he does anything tell somebody like the police or your parents.

Oh shut up you stupid troll. This is FAKE! Rape is nothing to joke about

i am sorry for what happened to you <br />
but i teacher is always winking at me too<br />
i am scared what should i do? <br />
can you guys help me

there are three teachers that keep winking at me, I'm really worried :'(

All male

Babygirl, you need to tell a teacher or a trusted adult. Please don't think you're hurting something by telling someone. If you are uncomfortable in any way at school, an adult needs to know.

You NEED to tell your parents and principal asap. I agree with these people. PLEASE DO IT! You don't need anything like that to happen again!

Omg, sweetie!<br />
Please tell someone!<br />
As long as that horrible excuse of a "man" is out on the streets, he could repeat those actions on some other helpless girl, or even possibly you.<br />
Please, tell someone ASAP

You HAVE to tell somone- if you don't then there is on way its going to stop. Which is scarier, telling sombody or getting raped again?

You HAVE to tell somone- if you don't then there is on way its going to stop. Which is scarier, telling sombody or getting raped again?