Back Again

The last two stories I wrote about happened when I was 12 and i was kidnapped by these people who are real names are Juan and Robby. They kidnapped me for ransom then they were in jail for over a year now they'd escape. my parents want to make sure I'm safe so they keep me inside the house the entire time even if it's during school, my friends call me to see how I'm doin, the same boring...... Even though my parents are trying to protect me I miss goin to school and hanging with my friends. Then suddenly that's when things start going wrong. Someone broke into the window leaving a trail of shattered glass. Then a guy with orange hair pop out of nowhere, it's Robby. He had a gun in his hand and told my parents to give him what he wants or they'll shoot. Juan came from behind him holding a sack ready to pick up some cash. My father nodded and went to his room with Robby following behind him. Juan watched my mom and me, I was so scared thinking that he'll kill us. I heard a gun shot from upstairs then a thud. That's when my mom screamed and tried to pull me away. Juan chased after us but Robby came running downstairs and in front of my eyes shot my mom. She fell to the ground lying on a puddle of blood. I was by her side crying, she touched my face and told me she loved me and that I should run. I gave her one last hug then I was grabbed by the neck and dragged away from her. Suddenly a bag was thrown over my head and I was taken away. Away from everything that's already gone.... I couldn't remember what happened after that but I woke up with my hands rope tied to the arms of the chair and Im also gagged. I was in the basement that wad cold and dark and lonely. I heard footsteps above me come down and there in front of me was a heavy overweight guy, it's Juan. He told me that I would be staying here for 4 months without food but I can drink some water unless the police pay for the ransom. I didn't get it? Who would pay for me? Juan left the basement then Robby came in with his little friend the wip. I wasn't happy to see that thing again. After struggling to keep me tied on the bed, he began whipping me with it leaving me to scream through the gag. I wanted to go home why would this ever happen to a 13 year old boy like me? Why? I'm alone now there's nothing left for me. After the whipping, Robby began punching me in the stomach for at least an hour. My stomach ached, it felt like it must had twist and turn. Robby left me after that. Then he came back again after a month, he told me that we're moving somewhere. He grabbed some ropes and tied my wrists tightly and duct taped my mouth shut. He threw a bag over my head and carry me over his shoulder where someone else carried me to a back of I guess a truck. They drove what seemed like forever and stopped somewhere. The bag was removed and Juan carried me to a log cabin. He laid me in the corner of a dark room and blindfolded me with duct tape. Pure torture. I layer there for at least 3 months being fed water. I couldn't see then my blindfold was removed. I felt that my skin was peeled off and saw Robby in front of me holding a long piece of rope. He told me that the police didn't bring the moeny he asked for and instead of keeping me he'll kill me. I was hella scared and tried to scoot away but Robby grab me by the shoulder and took me the basement where there was Juan setting a chair. Robby passed him the rope and Juan tied it to the cieling leaving a loose knot. Robby placed me on top of the chair and told me good-bye and laughed while Juan just stood there with a look saying that he's sorry. The rope was around my neck and Robby pushed the chair. I dangled there trying to scream through the tape but it wouldn't work. Robby and Juan left and I knew that I was dead. My breathing became more heavy on me, I struggled then frozed in my footsteps. I knew that it's the end of me. By the time I woke up I found myself in the hospital. The police came and found me there half choked but I still lived. They told me that I was alright and that Juan is in jail but Robby still out there but he probably wouldn't harm me. They said they were sorry about the deaths of my parents and that they'll try to find a guardian for me. After 3 weeks, I had a close uncle who can watch me. I live with him now but I'm still afraid of Robby coming after me. Maybe he won't try to choke me if he likes to kill me this much. Rite now I'm living a normal life with my uncle and I hope Robby wouldn't be showing up any time soon. If he does then I'll be ready for it.
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You are such an amazing person! I was crying the whole time! I can't believe people do that. 2 times is quite enough, Heck, 1 was to much for me. I hope you get better! My prayers with you!

OMG! I'm crying! That's such a touching story. I hope you are ok! I'm so sorry about your parents. You should be really carefull now you never know when Robby could come for you.

Oh my gosh I am so sorry about everything you have gone through. Stay strong. I know I couldn't have gone through that you are truly a very strong person. I seriously hope Robby is caught by the police and quick. I wish I could give a lunatic a dose of his own medicine.

I'm really sorry about your parents. It's sick that people could even think about doing that stuff to anyone. My prayers are with you.

is there another story did Robby ever show up again

You're a very strong kid; i wish that son of a ***** will be caught by the police soon.

Thx inmxcy
U know I hope that the police caught up to him too I still havn't seen him lately but I do know the police are trying their best to catch him

OMG...O.O...Dude, I'm so sorry that even happened to you or to anyone. You had me into tears with your story. Who could do such a thing? I hope that your better and safe now! Like really WTF?!

No need to cry I'm okay. You know i thinks it's a miracle i lived, it's like God had given another chance to live. I'm glad i survived, sometimes people don't survive when they're being hang but i did and i'm proud i did.