I Was Kidnapped On A School Trip

When I was around 12 years old we went on a school trip to France. We visited a bakery and a hypermarket. At the hypermarket the teachers bought a load of cheap alcohol which they weren't permitted to do. There were 4 teachers to supervise the aprox 50 children, 2 of the teachers had departed the coach early rather than back tracking later as they lived in an area we were passing through. We arrived at our school rather than the leisure centre where our parents were meeting us. The 2 remaining teachers were unloading the alcohol into their cars so the parents wouldn't see it. The bus driver and the teachers got off the bus to unload, in this time 3 drunk men got on the bus and asked us where did we want to go, they drove the bus on a 12 mile horror journey. They hit kids at the front with baseball bats that some of the boys had bought at the hypermarket. People were screaming crying and being sick. It ended when we crashed into an old bridge, it was a stone bridge over a river, I was sat next to the window on the side where the bus hit the bridge, I thought we were hanging over the side, I could see rocks had fallen in and rushing water - I shouted for people to move across to the other side of the coach. The teachers had caught up with us and they jumped on the bus at this point. There was a massive fight, the german teacher had his nose broken and the french teacher had bruised ribs. I had to go to court over a year later to give evidence.
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real adventure - what happened in the court

I hope your all okay and I can't believe those irresponsible teachers,and did they not see the drunk men go into the school bus..? And you poor thing..! Thanks for sharing your story with us, cuz we can see what you and other people feel like and we can support you guys..And those teachers should have gotten fired or something at least... Anyway glad your okay and all the other kids too,and how many kids were in the bus...?

Hi, thanks for your comment - Yeah as far as I know there's been no lasting effects for anyone, the drunks came out of a lane and one of them was trying to take the crates of beer off the german teacher and the other 2 got on! To be honest I think they were more pre-occupied about protecting their beer! It was a coach of about 54 seats I think? So between 40 and 50 kids x

Did you all get to safety

Yes thanks, a few boys at the front had bruises worse than anyone else, we all got bashed about a bit!

When I say bashed about I mean as in tossed about in the bus with the irractic driving!

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