Kidnapped In Mexico

I hope that everyone had read the three other stories I just posted because this had happened to me again when I was just 17. I lived with my uncle for 4 years and he's a very caring uncle, He knows about the deaths of my parents and thats why he's my guardian. I still have nightmares about their death so to make sure to take my mind off of things he decided to me on a vacation to Mexico. He told me that this would be fun but I also should be careful. He told me that there's a lot of kidnapping in Mexico so I should stay by his side the entire time. We took a plane than a train, but I got a bad feeling that somebody was stalking us to Mexico the entire time but I tried not to worry about it. After checking at the hotel and unpacking our stuff, we took a tour and it was fun. But it didn't last. There was this parade; everyone were wearing masks and costumes and It was too crowded. There was this one man wearing a skeleton mask giving us free samples of juice. Everyone tried it and so did I, skeletonman (that's what I'm calling him), he was holding the cup and tells me to try it. I did it was good then the tour left, I was separated by my uncle and tried to call for him but then my vision became blurry. My legs were wobbly then my vision began to blur, I fell backwards and felt Someone caught me. I looked up to see the face of a skeleton then I was knocked out cold. I woke up and my head hurts hella bad like it's about to burst, My hands were handcuff behind me and there was a ball cloth in my mouth. I tried to use my tounge to pushed it put but ducktape was wrapped around my mouth. I was in a van with my head against the window, I looked up to see skeletonman who was really Robby! "Ohla Jarrot!" he says. "you enjoying Mexico?" I muttered something through the gags but he probaly didn't hear me. "it's been 4 years and I missed you Jarrot so now im going to have to kill you." I tried kicking the door open but he told me that we're on the mountain side and I'll probably fall off. After 5 hours we made it to an abandoned house and he dragged me to my room, he told me that hes going to go downstairs and to make sure I don't leave he locks the door. I was alone and depressed, I burried my head in my lap and silently cried. I don't remember what happened after that but I was in bed with my hands handcuffed to the bed posts. I saw Robby walked in and told me that he's ready from where he was starting with that whip. Oh no! After the whipping leaving me scratches on my back. He punched me in the stomach leaving me to almost throw up. I moaned through the gag hoping that this nightmare will stop. Then to make things fun, he got on top of me and.......... It's better not to explain the details but I got rape. After 2 months of the nightmare, he left and never came back, I hoped he died but then who would find me since im in the middle of nowhere. I heard barking from downstairs, then three cops came with their two dogs. Thanks goodness I'm saved!!!!!
It turns out that Robby was caught by the cop's dogs and is in jail along with his brother, then the dogs sniff the back of the car and followed it to the abandoned house and that's how I wad saved and was escorted to the hospital then to my uncle. I'm just glad that I'm alive from that terrible nightmare, i also want to thank those dogs for saving me. This is the last of my kidnapping stories but don't worry I'll write a couple of more different stories.
Peace out
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Awww hope they get what they deserve i not quiet ready to tell my story<3

Your such a whor*** go to hell imma gonna get u at school

...... what did i do to you to deserve this?


... i have not done nothing

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That is sad

omg...i m soo sorry this happened to you..i will pray for you..peace

Hopfully you'll never have to go throw this again mate

Don't worry it's now over I don't have to see that jerk again

trust me i been through that some what

That's good mate he will get his