I Was Kidnapped At 16

Ok here goes, I come from a pritty good background, my dads self employed in the insurance trade, a couple of years ago he had to led an employee, let's call him "Ralph", he was defrauding the company, we never herd off him, until one cold day in September of 07.

I'd just finished school and had arranged to meet my best mate for footie after school, as I got into the house, I tecieved a text off him saying can we make it Abit later, so I went into my bedroom and got changed from my uniform into my joggers, football shirt and trainers ( sneakers if American). I suddenly herd a car pulling up on the driveway, it was to early for it to be my dad, so I felt slightly uneasy, within an instant the back door opened, as I went downstairs to investigate, a pair f clammy hands grabbed me from behind, I tried to scream but a second pair of hands were placed over my mouth, I was dragged out the back door to a waiting transit van, I was pushed into the sidedoor and rolled onto my back, my eyes locked eyes with the original kidnapped, it was ralph.

Tie the kid up, the driver shouted from the front as we sped away, I was bound and gagged with silver duck tape seeping my wrists and anckles, a rag was tied between my teeth and reinforced with duck tape.

It felt like we were driving for eternity, all I could see was streetlights passing by, then their was darkness, i past out.

I awoke in a abondoned building, stuffed into a small celler on a damp mattress, I could see flashes, they were taking pics to send to my dad, I was beaten, I tried to scream but the sound of my cry throw the tight tape gag seemed to just incur more violence, then the flashes stopped, as did the beating, their was the sound of Ralph jumping into the feller, he slowly lowered my jogger and subequently rapped Me, as did his partner, the pain was intence. After they finished, they rolled my boxers and joggers back up and closed the celler door, it was pitch black, I lay their, bound, gagged and violated for three dqys.

Then the door slung open, and I was grabbed and bundled into the back of the van, Ralph took my already bound feet and rapped root arround my upper trainers and a bar in the van, Ralph and his partner closed the door, released the handbrack on the van, it began to role, as it gained momentum, a scream of hope you can swim rang in my ear, within an instence the van flipped into a river, luckily the van sank into mud so did not role fully under the freezing water.

Police eventually pulled me out of the wrekage, I slipped into an unconciois state.

I awoke in hospital to see my best friend, who o was orriganally ment to be meeting and my dad asleep on the hospital bed, my matew Adam grasped me, and told me than he loved Me and was sorry. My dad looked at me and shook his head, turned arround and left the room, doctors had revealed signs of the sexual assult, I never saw him again, he couldent deal with the shamed.

I am now 21 and living with my girlfriend and 4 year old son in the house where I was first abducted, me and my best mate are still as close as ever, he is the only person I have spoken to about my full experience, and had been a rock along with the girlfriend, my dad sadly passed away shortly after the ransom after a heart attack, we talk of him to my son everyday.

Ralph and his partner were never caught untill another incident.which occured in january, but that's my second experience, will be up soon.
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Just one word "WOW" are you okay?? This is some crazy thing you'd been through i hope your okay and that Ralph would pay for what he'd done.

I'm ok now dude I have to be and he is currently awaiting trial for both my kidnapping and that of my mate in Jan of this year.

Oh Alrite