Why I Don't Chat With Anyone Or Respond To Any Comments Or Messages

When I was 15 the Internet was pretty new, and my friends and I thought it was the coolest thing to join chat rooms and talk to people. We had never heard of the Internet before and subsequently were very naive about everything. We were smart enough not to give out our phone numbers or addresses but there were so many other dumb things we did say. One of my friends growing up was named Graciela, and she always told me about this "girl" she met online who said she was a highschool freshmen and was also really into softball, like Graciela was. She told him the name of the team she played on, and he used that to find out where she went to school. She had also told "her" about the big final game of the season and when it was and where it was. I went I the game as well, unfortunately that spring I had broken my ankle and was only there as a spectator. The plan was Grasciela would change and we'd take her home after the game. It was by the girls locker room that Grasciela met this "girl" she had been talking to. "She" knew who graciela was because Graciela had sent her a photo. " She"gagged her with a rag soaked in cholororm and raped her for three days before beating her to death with a pipe and shooting her for good measure. "She" was a 42 year old man. The police found Graciela's body 4 days after it happened, along with her captor who took his own life. Two days after they found her I was watching the news and the images of her crushed an bleeding body from the forensics appeared on the screen with her name plastered under it. I didn't know she was dead until then, my parent didn know how to tell me. But I was forever rattled by the experience. That is why I was tentative to join this site at all, I had rarely eve used the Internet before because of this. Please teach your kids about internet safety, and don't be offended if I don't chat with you or respond to your comments or messages, because I could never do that after what happened. Thank you for your understanding. **update** June/28/12. EP is such a kind community, that it has made me feel safer on the Internet. Though I still don't even dare touch Facebook, and still use email cautiously, I have learned to open up a bit. Thank you to all my EPeople:)
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I'm so sorry for your loss. Now I understand why my parents freaked out when they discovered my sister and I had been chatting on a chat site when we were younger. Of course, I assumed it was safe to use since it was a Harry Potter one, but I guess I'm wrong now. I don't want to image what would have happened to either my sister or me if we talked to someone who calmed to be our age at the time. We probably wouldn't be here today.

I'm so sorry for your loss :( I've experienced this before, Someone told me that he was a 13 year old boy, and he lived near me, he wanted to meet but I said no. if i said yes and he came I could have been long gone..

That's horrible and I swear to GOD I'm only an 11 year old girl so you don't have to worry and I probabl won't tell people online about my softball games...and I'm so sorry about what happened to your friend may she be at peace in heaven while the capter spends his time in he**

Thank you!!

No problem and now I know why my mom won't let me have a facebook or any other popular sites and thank you for sharing this story. lol sorry I'm on ep so early the weather announcer person is on like evry 10 min because of bad weather and I'm scared of the recordings

Oh yah, I HATE those. I'm scared to watch TV while it's raining invade one comes on and wakes up the kids...

Since I know you're not going to respond, I won't ask any questions, haha. But this is absolutely horrible. I am young, and I will definitely think twice about who I become friends with on the internet. That's absolutely insane, girl. I'm so sorry this happened to you. It must have been horrible for you and her family, and everyone Graciela knew and loved. I teared up while reading this. My heart goes out to you, sweet heart! :)

Thank you, after being on EP for a while I actually learned to open up a little. I figure EP is a safe place as long as I'm smart about it. Believe it or not my kids actually taught me a lot about Internet safety, lol.

But I am not on any other websites, I don't even Facebook. I am still always looking over my shoulder online. But EP has really helped me to feel comfortable. As long as you avoid the Pervy places, lol

Hahah! Yeah. That's good that you're becoming less afraid. EP is a very good website. I trust it. Take care, girlfriend!