Wha..why Me

This happened in my own home and A man looking beat up came and he pulled a gun on my

mom he then walked around and stole my brothers Xbox 360 And his 3DS he walked up stairs

and took my Wii and put it in a huge body bag looking thing then i walked down stairs rubbing

my eyes then he saw me and he grabbed me Huh... i said dazed i was put in the body bag thing

i suddenly noticed what was going on 1st: i was being kidnapped 2nd we were being robbed i

started to panic he punched the bag as he walked to his car that was down the street he put

me in the back and he tied me up before puting the bag in the back he blindfolded me and put

duct tape over my mouth i was crying and he brushed my blond hair and he mumbled some

thing i didnt hear any thing of that then he went to the back to put the bag up i tried to

crawl out he caught me and slapped me then he got in and locked all doors and we drove off i

was scared it felt like days were flying by then we finally reached the place and he carried me

to the living room and he 3 sons saw me i was dropped i grunted painfully one son looked like

13 the other looked like 15 and the third looked like 12 the 12 year old pulled of my blind

fold and he took off my clohes and i cryed and he pulled off my bound and he made me suck

his penis i gaged and pushed him off me he kicked me and he said lets try again he did it again

i gaged but i did nothing then the 15 year old was getting hard and he ran up and shoved off

the 12 year old and he did waht the 12 year old did so thats what happened for the 3 hours

then they carried me to the base ment and he gave me a blanket and he turned off the lights

and went up stairs i started crying then i herd the creeking in the stairs i covered my self in

the blanket it was the 13 year old he hugged me i was confused but he handed me a candy bar

i ate some of it and i had gained more bravey to ask him why is he helping me he didnt

answer he ran up stairs and a few minutes he came back with a plate of food and he had

blankets and pillows he handed me the plate and he put the pillows on the bed and he snugled

and i sat there cunfused and i ate slowly then i finshed and i fell asleep,for once i had a good

dream for the time i was kidnapped this went on a lot but one day their father caught him

doing it and he beat me the father beat me i cried but i figured crying is a waste but i couldnt

stop doing it... 6 weeks have gone by and no sign of cops or any type of getting me out of here

escape plans so i sit in the basement all the time im very dirty my pants(they gave me new

choles 3 weeks ago) are all ready covered in mud and they make me go out side and make me

do gardening work and some times i just get raped by the 15 year old and 12 year old i was

scared all the time never once did i let my guard down but my guard never helped anyway but

i stayed worried and my hopes were crashed allready i felt like dieing but the wanted me to

suffer and i dont know why i was happy when i was with the 13 year old only but after 5 days

of the 13 year old helping me he desided to help me escape when his dad had to buy more food

and the 15 and 12 year old had to go as well the 13 year old stayed he waved at his father

and he got in the car and drove off Come on he said i ran up stairs he had a backpack he

packed choles and food i asked him what are you doing he said im going with you i hugged him

he kissed me on the cheek and we left the house and the sad part about this kidnapping was

that my father was ariving home 2 weeks ago and he was staying at my moms house for 2

weeks and he was in afgahn when i was born so i never saw him ... we were wondering around

the woods untill i found a road and we tried waving down rides no one stoped so we contined

we walked back in the woods and luckly we found a cabin with no one in it we ate and slept

there next morning we woke up staring in the face of cops they looked at me and thought the

13 year old kidnapped me or raped me i grabbed the cops arm thank god i said mr i said i

was kidnapped by a man and this kind kid helped me escape they didnt belive me but they

walked to there car and came back and said ok we will take you home right away he took me

and the 13 year old to my house my mom saw me at the door and she ran and hugged me she

gave me new choles and hugged me more and she cried and sat on the couch i went up stairs

and my friend the 13 year old told me that his name was sean and i hope i never get

kidnapped again sean became my boyfriend and my friends helped me though my trama i had

during my kidnapping and that the end..
Hayla Hayla
13-15, F
May 8, 2012