My Life Went Missing With Me

It started in 2010 on my birthday the 5th of Januaryl was turning 11. l was so happy l was getting the bigger room in the house l was excitedmt friest big room l live it a rich estate. l was packing up my bed so l could get it out the doorway but l was to weak.My mum and dad where working.So l went to my neighbours house they where a nice old couple so l asked Mr Lawson if he could help but they wernt home.So l went back inside and started to pack up my dolls and glass figures.l heard a knock at the door l didnt want to answer it because of my new room but it was rude so l went and opened up the door.It was a man about my dads age l had seen him before he use to ride his bike and stop in front of my house about 4o'clock in the afternoon.It was kinda scary.

Then alittle bit after l opened the door he told my not to say a word l think he had a knife to my back or something sharp sticking in my bace he pushed me into the back off his car l didnt know what was happening to me.He gave my something that looked like a lollie but it wasnt after l ate it l started to feel numb l counldnt move l felt going to sleep l tried not to but l gave in.

Next thing when l wake up is that lm laying on a bed in a massive room l got up shocked.l walked out to a massive hallway and l saw a man.He yelled at me for being out of my room so l said l needed to go to the bathroom he said there was one in my room and he walked off.l started to walk down staires tip toeing l could smell something funny then l heard someone sining so l ran up to the room l was in before. l sat on the bed she walked up to my room and brang a tray with food on it she said it was tomato soup l was so hungry and said l had to eat it all up when l finished l started to feel sleepy agian then l must of passed out.

Most days where like that but then l stoped eating they must of kept putting drugs in my food or something they would have to force me to eat it. One morning l was in the shower so they left my food on the table. l ran out of the bathroom l was thinking of how to get out l looked out the windowit wasnt that far l could use the sheet.And l did but l fell most of the way. l was out for a while then l heard my mum yelling l gave you the money give me my daughter the man pulled me out of the car and pushed my over then he made a run for the car but a hole heap of men jumped out and tackled the man.After that l didnt know what happend to the man but l have the biggest room in the house and lm happy hopeing l'll be ok.
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i dont understand this story...

Aww l know how hard it is to get over this type of thing its been at least 10 years since l was kidnapped but lm still not over it sorry you had to go through that l can feel for you hope we can talk l would love that :)

A great story.

omg im so sorry u had to go through this! dont say great story u imbecile how rude!!!

I meant the way it was written!