My Side Of My Story.

I was 13beth when it happened.
I'd just come back from my friend Emily's house on a friday night. My family wasn't home (I can't remember where they went off to).
I was just unlocking the door to the house with my key when I heard a sound comming from the street in front of my place. It was a group of older boys. They were drunk,out of their mind and acting like retards.I shook my head and promised myself I wouldn't end up like that when I was older.
I guess I must of been standing outside long enough for the boys to notice me. They started looking in my derection with lust in their eyes. I tried to unlock the door quickley after that but the stupid key was jammed.
as I was fighting with the lock I heard shuffling comming from the gravel of my drive way. I faught with the key harder as I heard this but the stupid thing wouldn't come out! then a hand clamped hard over my mouth and an arm encircled my waist.I stated screaming for help but nobody could hear me with the person's hand muffling my screams.I began to struggle hard but no matter how hard I moved I could not break free.
"what's the matter sweet heart?" My atacker wispered in my ear. "I'm not gonna hurt you I just want you to come meet my friends."
Then he called to the other guys on the street to come over.
When they did the boy who was behind me started saying things that didn't make sence to me but did to the other boys. "what do you think boys? Is she a keeper or what?"
the other boys(there were 4 including the guy behind me) nodded their heads in agreement except for one.He looked more sober then the others.He had blond hair and deep green eyes.
"we should just let her go sam." He said. "you promised we'd stop this."
"shut up and get the car Arron" one of the other guys said.
A few mins. later the guy called arron came back with a black car.
They threw me in the back on the floor with the two other boys while the one who grabed me took the passenger seat.
"what the hell do you want with me?" I screamed at them. That just made them all laugh except for the boy called arron. "You'll find out soon enough" one of them answered.
They drove for about another half hour with me on the floor before we came to a stop. "it's time" the guy who grabed me said. he then turned to the driver of the car "tie her up arron.we'll go get the other car."
All of the boys got out of the car and left me there. then one of the doors opened and arron started to crawl in holding a role of black duck tape. I knew what he was going to do and I begged him not to. I cried and I screamed but he still tied my hands together with the stuff  in front of me. He then put duck tape over my mouth.He helped me get up and out of the car.He walked me over to where his friends were.They were standing next to the trunk of a different car with it's trunk opened.I knew that they were going to shove me in the trunk and I didn't want that.I got away from arron and started to run in the opisite derection of the guys.I was never very good at running so of course they cought up in no time.One grabbed me from behind and held me until a different guy came and pulled the duck tape off my mouth and put a gross smelling clothe over my nose and mouth. I blacked out and when I woke up I was in a small apartment sized bedroom.I was tied to a chair in the corner of the room.I was dizzy and thursty and I really needed a bath room break.I began to struggle agenst the binds that held me to the chair but, like the mans arms that held me before, I couldn't get free.I began to cry and scream.It was only then that I realized  that I was still gagged. I didn't care I tried and tried to get free but I couldn't. I must of been making a lot of noise because one of the men came in and told me "shut the **** up!" I didn't listen. so he walked over and squated down to my eye level. "Look I know you don't wanna be here." he told me in a soothing voice. "You're scared and alone but if you don't be quiet then-" and that's when the guy (who I asume was the leader) came in and damanded to know what was going on.The other boy started to explain to him what was going on.when he was done the leader boy started to look at me with a smirk. "If she won't  shut up, then we'll just have to make her."
Remember how I said it was a bedroom I was in? Well I found out why I was in that spacific room.they untied me from the chair and retied me to the bed.The leader told the other guy to get out.Once he left the other guy grabed a pair of siccors and started to do things to me.He cut off all my clothes and began to touch my breasts (they were D.s at the time) and my priveit parts.He did this for many agonizing hours.When he was done he began to stroke my cheek. I was to scared to move for fear he would do it again so I let him do so. "this is going to happen every time you make a sound" he warned me. He went out of the room then leaving me tied to the bed in my disterbed state.
A fer hours later someone else came in I closed my eyes before I found out who it was (if it was the man who touched me I knew I would fall to pieces)but it wasn't.It was arron and the other boy who was talking to me before the man came and ruined me.They told me it was going to be okay and that they were going to help.I didn't believe them so I started to scream,cringe and cry.I started to shake my head and I knew there was no hope.
Arron un gagged me and put the gross smelling clothe back over my face.
When I woke up I was in the back of a car.My hands were tied behind my back and my ankles were bound.I was gagged once again and I had a head ache.The car was just comming to a stop. one of the boys opened the door (I couldn't tell who it was because they had a ski mask on).The guy picked me up and tossed me over his shoulder.I began to kick and scream as who ever it was sat me down on to the ground in front of a building.He knocked on the door then ran into the car. it then sped away.
A large man in a blue police uniform answered the door.It turns out that the boys who were saying they were going to help me really were helping.
I had been missing for only 2 days but I never will forget it.I now live every day like it's my last.They still haven't found my kidnappers.When they do though I will only testifie agensed the leader and the boy who I never saw after the abduction part.I owe too much to arron and the other boy.
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Great story!