How Could They?

My name is Jacob and I'm 14 years old. I live in Exter a small town in England. Me and my friend Lauren were walking back up to school as it was lunch time and we were walking up from the shop at the bottom of the road. My friend Lauren is very rich. Her mother has her own Law firm and her father is a Doctor. But we were still friends. We had just entered the school gates when we heared a car behind us. We thought nothing of it as there is always cars driving up and down. Then it wasn't a car but a black transit van. It sharply stopped by us. The door flung open and three men dressed in black appeared and clamped there hand over Laurens mouth and tried to pull he in. I quickly grabbed her arm and I tried to pull her back. I pulled and pulled. The fight carried on. Then a fourth man from the front climbed out and clamped his hand over my mouth and picked me up. I tried to kick but it didn't work. Before i knew it i was in the back of the van with Lauren and three men. The were white and all around the 6 foot mark. Then a voice from the front said " Tie them up". One of the men tied my ankles with duck tape and then my wrists. Then he placed about 5 strips of tape over my mouth. The other two then did the same to Lauren. We drove for what seemed hours until we stopped. Two men came and opened the doors. They threw us over there shoulders and they took us into an abandoned cottage. We were placed on chairs and then tied to them. Then a man who looked like the boss told us that he was only sapposed to kidnapped Lauren but as i was trying so hard to save my dear friend he had to make some changes. Then he left us. Me and lauren sat there for hours in a damp old room with only a mattress in the corner. Then after ages the men returned and untied and ungagged us. They said we had 20 minutes to use the toilet and have a walk around in the room. Of course it was only aloud in the room. When i finally got in the toilet i sat on the toilet and cried into my knees. I knew i had to stay strong. When i came out there was two breadrolls and some beans on a plate on a table. Me and Lauren wolfed it down. Then we were told to lye on the floor back to back when they tied us together. Then we were placed on the mattress and an old musty duvet was thrown over us. The lights went off and we were in darkness. Lauren started to cry and i tried to comefort her but it was hard as we were back to back. Eventually the crying stopped and we must have fell asleep. The next day when they returned they brought in cornflakes in a bowl for both of us. After they untied us and we had eaten they told us the had asked for 100,000 pounds ransom off Laurens parents otherwise they would shoot us both. As they did this they shown us a gun and told us the bulets would go through our heads. Then Lauren started to cry. One of them grabbed her by the hair and pushed her on the mattress. He undressed her and then he raped her. While this was going on i was being restraind from behind. Lauren was crying the whole time. After he had finished he told her to get dressed. After this they left and locked the door. I comforted Lauren as she cried into my shoulder. We sat and the floor for ages while she cried ans cried and cried. After a while she finished and we stood up. We walked around for a bit. Then the door flung open and one of the men walked in with a gun in his hand. He walked over to us and retied us up. Then he said " Daddy hasn't paid the ransom little girl". Then he loaded the gun and pointed it at my head. Then he lowered it to my leg and then bang. He had shoot me through the leg. I screamed with pain throught the cleve gag and then he pointed it at Laurens leg and did the same. There we were both on the floor screaming with pain. Then he ripped some fabric from a roll and then bandaged it up. He then told us that if Laurens parents didn't pain the ransom that he would carry on going higher up our bodies ans shotting us. We blacked out. When we awoke the next day we were told that we could have a shower. We undressed and was then told we had to shower together while they watched us. Aftrer we had a shower we were given new clothes and then our hair was dyed. Mine was dyed blonde from a dark brown and laurens was died black. We were then took outside and placed in the back of a black landrover. We drove for ages and finally stopped in another shack. We were taken upstairs into a small room. We were tied to chairs. To our surprise we there was another boy tied and gagged in a chair who we later found out name was simion. They ungagged him and then they left. We talked to him and found out his dad was a journalist and they had asked for a ransom of 1 million pounds. A few days passed until they finally came back. When they entered the grabbed simion by the hair and he was dragged out throught the door. Then we heared a massive bang. About ten minutes later we saw simion slumped over one of there shoulder. He was dead. Me and Lauren started panicing. We were then untied and taken into a bathroom where we could do our thing. We were then taken to a van were we were tied up and gagged. We drove for hours and hours until we stopped. We were then carried outside into what i recognised as the park. We were placed behind a tree where laurens parents we waiting. They untied us and hugged us. Then out of nowhere police cars arrived from everywhere and they were taken away. It has now been 2 months since this and we are still shaken but we are carrying on with life.
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When you were first tied to the chair, did they punch Lauren in her belly and boobs?

omg...i cant imagine the pain you and lauren been soo's lauren now?

I'm sooooo sorry this happened to you. But, if you were in front of the school when you were kidnapped, wouldn't somebody have noticed? Still, I'm really sorry this happened.

....oh my gosh.....i just..don't even know what to say. im so sorry

I feel so sorry for you I hope that your okay

Wow! I can not imagine !! I am so glad you are both safe!