Worst 12 Days Ever

It all started when I was walking to school, I was listening to music so I didn't hear the s.u.v pull up behind me. A man grabbed my waist and another put a gag in my mouth, then they tied my hands and feet together and put me on he floor in the back seat of the s.u.v. A clot was put over my nose Nd I blacked out, I woke up tied to a bed frame with my hands together above my head and feet spread out. I tried to scream but still had a gag in my mouth I started to cry because I was completely naked and thought I was going to die. A man came in and asked me who I was and removed the gag I told him my name then he asked when my parents worked till and I said 7pm. Then he unzipped his pant and I screamed so he slapped my face and shoved my panties in my mouth and put the gag back in. I started to sob as he shoved his **** inside of me. He left and I cried more thinking about how I just lost my virginity at 13 to a stranger. When the man came back the next day he said he would remove the gag and my panties if I didn't scream I agreed and he gave me some food and water then I said I had to pee and he just poured water all over my body and I peed on the bed then he laughed and I called him and ******* so he put the gag back and raped me again. He then rubbed the panties all over his **** when he cummed and put hem in my mouth. He and another man continued raping me ******* on me for the next 2 weeks. Then they chloroformed me and when I woke up in a car there was no one to be found I heard yelling outside but couldn't tell what they where saying then two cops untied me and gave me a towel to cover myself as they took me to the ambulance I'm not sure why but I fainted and woke up in a hospital bed with my mom dad and brother. I was so happy I was alive but when they asked what they did to me I just sobbed when I recalled being raped.
Sadgirl109 Sadgirl109
1 Response May 14, 2012

Hi Sadgirl, I am sending you much love and light...bless you and thanks so much for sharing your story..you are not alone and follow the light that will guide you and eventually you will be lifted into great joy... I too was kidnapped at 4 years however I escaped but it has deeply afffected me and shaped my life..and I have sadness that is profound and then I continue to call on the light and it lifts..i have had to train myself to do this for years...I never go out of the house without putting a cube of light for protection around myself--yes I ahve had to resort to some unusual ideas..aht ever works..have a beautiful day tomorrow from joy light