Kiddnapped For Rape

I was 10 at the time and was walking home from a party with my friend Alex. We saw a car go past us a couple of time but thought nothing of it after passing us a couple of times it stopped and asked us where some address was. The driver and his partner got out of the van we tried to run away, but they caught up with us and put a cloth that smelled really funny to our mouths. Alex was in the van in no time I wouldn't go with out a fight. I tried to get away, I struggled, but he kept the cloth over my mouth and I couldn't breath so I took a deep breath. The next thing I remember is me waking up tied back to back with Alex. We were tied up together on two chairs we didn't get food and water for two days then Alex got really sick and they still wanted some ransom money so they seperated us and I don't know how but I know at least one thing they killed my friend. I was then given food and water then not wanting me to get sick as well. I didn't trust them I had thought they might have done something to the food so I didn't eat it they got very mad at me so they ******** me and raped me they did this daily I couldn't do any thing I was tied up blindfolded and gagged they fi ally called my parent after what felt like two months at this place in hell they said they wanted a 10,000 dollar ransom my parents said they would pay they told them to meet at ------- and bring the money in cash in a briefcase the kiddnappers knocked me out again the next thing I knew is that I was in an police officers hands and he brought me to my parents they asked me where Alex was I told them sobbing in tears that they had murdered my life long best friend
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1 Response May 15, 2012

Oh my gosh! That's so sad! I'm sorry for your loss.