I Was Kidnapped

This woman, the only mother I have ever known, kidnapped me from the hospital 9 days after I was born. I grew up with her parents and all her family thought I was really her child, except I was blonde-haired not dark-haired, like them. Later in my life I found out that I had been kidnapped. But i had always suspected I was different from my family. The father I had always known as mine was really mine though. I did a blood test later on, though that woman I had always thought was my mother was really not. Now I try to separate myself from that family, 20 years later. But I do have my Nonnie and Poppy: my real father's adoptive parents. XD Iz love them. XD But I am not related to Laura Cook, the woman who stole me away from my real mother and took away most of a good childhood I could have had. I never know what childhood I missed... If only I knew...
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my story is nearly the same as yours, and i have since found the family i was taken from. i have left behind the parts and people from my past that do not add to my future or that i cannot forgive. i have moved closer to be with my real family but the honest truth is that often i feel stuck between worlds, always looking in never truly feeling connected to anyone new or old life. it is a struggle not to run and just be forgotten by both families but i have to remind myself that if i did that than the bad guys win again. there will never be justice for me and i will never receive the validation of someone who truly knows my story and my pain but i can take back my life as i need and want it. it is hard not to be swallowed up by such complex emotions about my life and it is harder yet to take it back and live it well but it is mine and i will and have survived. you will and have survived as well take a moment to remind yourself of that sometimes. i wish you the best and appreciate your story as it gives me hope that i am not alone.

Have you found your birth mum