Kidnapped And Raped At 14

This happened to me less then a year ago and every little detail is burned into my memory. As much as I try to forget it its sill there. I'm going to share every detail because I feel like I need to tell someone my whole experience. Here it goes...

One day I was walking how from school and it was raining pretty bad, and i have a long walk home (and no umbrella). A car drove up beside me and rolled down the window. Behind the wheel was a man in maybe his early 30's. "Need a lift Kid?" he asked. "No, its cool". I said. "Ya sure? Its raining pretty bad." I thought about it for a second. I know all this talk about not taking rides from strangers but it was raining really bad and he seemed like a nice guy. So I accepted the ride and climbed in the back seat. I gave him directions to my house and he started driving. When we got to my street he kept on driving. "Um, sir, u were supposed to turn back there". "Shut up and sit still!" he yelled at me. I got so scared that I just sat there. After a few minutes of driving he stopped the car and climbed in the back seat. He pushed the seats down and forced me on my stomach. He tied my hands tightly behind my back with rope. I started screaming so he gagged me wtith ducttape. then he tied my ankles together and got in the drivers seat and started driving. he drove for what seemed like hours and hours. Finally he pulled up to a small house in a secluded area. he lifted me over his shoulder and carried me inside and down to the basement. he dropped me on the ground and I started to whine and cry behind the gag. he kicked me in the ribs lightly and told me to shut up. I did. He took my belt off and whipped me for about 5 minutes. I kept on crying. Then he stopped and bent down over me. he took out a knife and I thought he was going to kill me. Instead he cut off all my clothes so I was completely naked. I started crying even harder. Then he took off his clothes and straddled me on the ground. he reached out and touched my face gently. "Dont cry. if u dont fight it wont hurt as much". then he just started to rub his **** against mine. Then he stopped and just played with mine for a bit. I felt like screaming but I knew it wouldn't do any good. He bent his head and started to lick it and suck it. I just kept crying and saying "No" over and over again behind the gag. Then he started to lick my chest and kiss it. Then he started to lick and kiss my face. For a while that was all he did. Then he said that he was going to take off the gag but if I screamed then he would kill me. He still had his knife so I knew he wasn't bluffing. He took the tape off and I didn't scream. I just lay there as he started to kiss me. He held the knife to my throat and ordered me to kiss back. I did. When he was done he shoved his **** in my mouth and forced me to suck it. I didn't want to and i tried to resist but he just dug the point of the blade farther into my throat, so i did. After a few hours of this he got up and left and I just lay there and cried myself to sleep. I woke up with him trying to lay down on me. I started screaming and he slapped me across the face and told me to shut the **** up. I sort of did but i kept whimpering so he shoved his **** into my mouth again but this time he forced me to swallow his pee. When he took it out i puked. he turned me roughly onto my stomach and shoved his **** up my ***. It really hurt and I kept begging him to stop but he more I cried and begged the harder he did it. After a while he left again. For days he repeated everything on me and it kept getting worse and worse. I kept begging god to just let me die because i didn't think it was worth living through all this. Then one day he came in and said we were going over to his friends house to "play". I just cried more as he gagged and blindfolded me. he dressed me quickely in some sweatpants and a t-shirt and carried me out to the car. He dumped me on the back seats and started driving. After about 30 minutes we arrived at a house and he carried me in. I heard someone elses voice as he brought me downstairs and dumped me on a bed. he took off my blindfold and I saw another man around the same age. He smiled at me and i started to whimper again. I knew he was going to rape me too. He helped my original captor tie my hands to the bed posts and then they both got naked and took off my clothes. They both just played with my ***** for a while and i cried. The other man just felt the insides of my legs and then my ***. Then they started to rape me. my original captor sucked on my **** and The new guy started to lick around my face. Then he took off the ducttape and stuck his **** in my mouth. At that point I decided to give up any hope of someone finding me. I was going to spend the rest of my life (however long that might be) with these people. In hell.
I stayed at that mans place for a while. for a while i didn't see my original captor but the other guy came in everyday and played with me for hours and hours. On the last day of my captivity the new guy came in the room and straddled me like usual. But he didn't force himself on me right away. he just looked at me and touched my face. I was like a zombie then. i hadn't had food for days and I'd given up all jope of fighting so i just lay there, eyes half open. Then his hand went down to my *****. He played with it for a while and then stopped. he got off me and left the room for a bit. When he came back in he had a camera. he set it on a shelf and angled it towards the bed. "I want to remember this", he said and pressed the record button. then he got on top of me and started to rape me. He did the usual stuff and i just lay there. it went on for a couple hours, i think. When he finished he moved his head up to my face and started to kiss around my face gently. Then he kissed my mouth. After that he got up off me and stopped the video and walked out of the room with it. I never saw him again.

I was in the house for a few more days, tied up. I blacked out completely sometime in the second or third day. When i woke up i was in the hospital, hooked up to a bunch of machines. My parents and big brother were there. they told me I had been gone for about a month. I had been found in that guys house by police who were searching for him (he was a drug dealer of sumthin). I am so happy to finally be back with my family but I cant forget what those men did to me as hard as I try. It will always be with me.
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You can "kill" your old self. Do a makeover and pretend that ur born again. U can forget about what happened to u. U can pray to god to help urself forget and do good deeds. Volunteer at a charity center, etc. Glad that ur okay and alive.

im so sorry for what happened to you, that seemed so horrible, im just glad your okay now.