I Was A Sitting Duck At The Puppet Stand

my sister got me lost ... and in the struggle to get out I got lost... It felt like forever wondering in a maze of hot sunlight that melted my brain with nausea and half wakeful and sleepy confusion ... that I often felt as a child...

I ended up in a tent being photographed

I was placed up onto a bench and a man got a camera out of a port

there was no real struggle in me. he just lifted my dressings got me to hold it up and took photos of my pants

its literally like a dream sequence.  I was 3 maybe

I can't remember what I was wearing exactly

I do vaguely remember the puppet show but its weird... upsetting to me for some reason even feelings before the show started and why?

then I remember a police officer finding me after some time. and we seemed to walk around for ages and ages and ages trying to find my mother

it felt like hours in the sun ... so hot. he bought me an ice-cream

later we found my mum " I told the police officer my name was Catharina" ... :)  well, they called me that sometimes.

I still wonder about those vril society abductions... and the weird thing was in 1978 I and a few kids had a freaky experience where kids were being followed coming home from school people offering lifts mostly guys out to molest and murder kids... its quite freaky ... 1978 is a year that so hard for me to face ... Werner suciding ... and the pain left behind and Bill molesting me and hitting me... the only good part was the ALP functions at our house and going skating and a few other things ... but mostly it was pain... I officially had my first nervous breakdown at the age of 5 with the house fire, and then again when Werner suicided ... because I blamed myself so much. and Bill molesting me.
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I believe I have been tortured by semite groups as my family are related to the royals and hitler... all descendants are being tortured by witch craft practices... <br />
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http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-rVuWNBNdNI<br />
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I believe I was programmed as a child under this military mind control... <br />
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and this is true about the police coruption... qld police is run by coca-cola ... ie bugsy... and they will not help me with this rape cuz he is up to his neck in stuff with william ... <br />
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http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3gmJB1DHhAw<br />
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http://www.youtube.com/watch?NR=1&feature=endscreen&v=3kZhXjJVx7c<br />
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there are red haired mummies found in china, peru, and in other unlikely places...

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4eBUUW8_o4o I know Werners father knew Hitler.. who was playing games on me however? but he was with the clergy they were removed quickly from powers and many imprisoned or forced to conform. <br />
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but I don't believe Werner would hurt me ... I know he loved me ... I try to convince myself that. if there was any man in this world I loved it was werner ... all through my early childhood he was there when all the others had wronged me. he showed affection to me like no one else. <br />
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the more I read about vril and Aryan culture the more I felt like my red hair was the basis of some super natural quality... the real Aryans were the celt red hair or heads who were mixed blood with the Irish kings who were also mixed bloods with the Egyptian kings ... they were the blue bloods and the red haired mummies that do exist in Egypt and run through the Irish kings descendants ... as myself and even my nephew he has red hair. and I know why... the powers of akhenaten... that is why I must go to the exhibition ... I do understand bit by bit ... I guess I am just slow. that is the real vril... I know. I just know.