Kidnapping Is Real...i Was 6.

I was a 6 year old and I was walking home from school..This red van pulled up next to me, and there was a man in the car. He was wearing a ski mask. He told me to get in the van and I screamed NO and I tried to run but the van followed me. I remember clearly that all I wanted was to make a scene because my mother taught me that kidnappers don't like scenes because they could get caught...but this one didnt care. I made a scene but nobody was around. I was alone. He grabbed me and I was put into the back of his van. He put duck tape over my eyes and my mouth. He taped my hands to my back and then drove away. I cried. The last thing I remember is the van going up and down because of the bumps in the road. Then what seemed like an hour later I heard mother had called me missing. The police arrested the men and I was safe. But that was such a scary event for me..and I will never forget it.
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How did the police know where you where?


God, that sounds terrifying. I hope you're okay..

Kidnapping is real. And for whoever has to experience changes life and your thoughts on being alone or every leaving someones side. But I have and I have grown from this experience and for whoever is reading this just think...Sometimes the worst experiences in life are the ones that make you stronger. <br />