My Untold Story

When I was 8, I was kidnapped and held hostage with 11 other girls for 4 years. My story did not hit the news because my parents didnt want it to. But I think that you should know what happened to me. It all started on NOvember 1st 2006, when I was only 7.
I was over at my neighbor's third birthday party when my parents realized that my triplet brother had to finish homework. I waved goodbye to the birthday girl and went into my backyard with my triplet sister. About an hour later, we found out that the next door three year old had went missing. We searched for her but came up empty handed. A month later, (December 1st 2006) her dead body was found and another girl was taken. The police expected to find the new girls body on January 1st but, to their surprise, they did not. On every first of the month, another girl would go missing.
On November 1st 2007, I was playing outside with my triplet sister. 12 girls had already gone missing and 1 was killed. A man suddenly walked into our backyard and asked to play hide and go seek with us. Us, being the innocent 8 year olds we were, agreed but only if he was hit. He began counting and soon came and found me. When he found me, he threw me over his shoulder fireman style and carried me to a red truck. He brought me to an enormous house and into the basement where there was 3 bedrooms, one kitchen/cafeteria and one living room. He dropped me of in a bedroom with three other girls. There names were Sarah, Kaitlyn and Emma.
The next day. I figured out our schedule. We would wake up at 8 am, eat until 9 am, have play time until 12 pm, then he would rape one of us and then we had our book club. While I was walking to breakfast the next morning, I was looking for a way to escape. These two girls, Sharon and Eve came up to me and whispered into my ear if I wanted to escape. I nodded yes and we quickly slipped away from the crowd and out the door. We began running. We ran faster than ever before.
I don't know how long it had been when he found us but I remember it clearly. We saw head lights flash on us and before we had the chance to run, he grabbed us. He tortured us as a punishment.
I will spare you the horryfying details because it would be too long to write. But there is three events I will never forget.
The first happened at night. Eve and Sharon tried to escape again but, same as the first time, he caught them. This time he was furious. He killed them. Then he got two girls to replace them.
The second was the day I got raped for the first time. I was playing with Sarah when he grabbed me and brought me into a small room. He ripped off my clothes and told me to suck his private. It got worst.
The third was when we got found, the police officer figured out what was going on and brought us home.
I will write more details later but that's all for now.
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Did they find the over children

That PIG needs to be sentenced for a lifetime.

(sigh) i wish there werent so many bad people in this world

i hope you are better now i was kidnapped at 19 years old

Omg poor u!

Wait you said brother than you said sister. Do u have one of each?

Yes, she said triplet, a triplet is like twins, but they are three instead of two.

i am so sorry for you and those girls

This is horrific. This is one of the reasons (among others) why I'm refusing to have children.

Wow. That's intense. How do you feel about all this now? How has it affected you as a person?