Scariest Day of My Life...

When I was 18 I was at a party with some friends. Some sketchy characters showed up and made us feel uncomfortable so we decided to leave. This random guy was like "I know of a better party up town, if you guys want to go..." so we let him drive us to this other party. When we got there this random guy comes up to me and hes all like "hey, whats up? welcome to the party, here is something to start you off." I was unsure about taking a drink from a stranger but he was like "its ok. Its okay. Whats the point of coming to a party if you don't want to get messed up?" So I take the drink and then he shows us where the bar is. He says there is plenty for everyone.

I must've passed out cuz all the sudden I wake up because I feel someone putting there hands in my v*****. (it was the same guy that gave me the drink earlier) I wake up and I'm like wtf! Then I look around and realize I'm not in the same place I was before. There are all these guys around me looking like hungry dogs--that's when I realized what was about to happen. So the guy tries to put his hand in my v again, more forcefully this time. I kicked his arm and told him to stop. He jumped on top of me screaming "you stupid B****." He had both of his hands around my throat and he was shaking me while he was screaming. I was like "wait! WAIT! please wait just for one second please!" He pauses and he's like "wait for what?" I tell him I have to pee... He looks furious. He says "do i look like a f*cking idiot to you!" I tell him, "I don't know! I just have to pee." (Of course I was just trying to get away) He tells me f*** no b****. So I tell him "fine, i will pi$$ on your couch." I cross my arms and look forward. Then i realize one of his friends is inconspicuously pointing to the direction of the bathroom. I get up and the crazy guy is like "you f***ing b*** i told you no!" and he starts toward me. I make a run for it. I figure I can make a plan in the bathroom. I barely make it in and slam the door in his face and lock it. He demands I come out and goes ape sh*t on the door . He is screaming and kicking it. I get freaked out so I lean against it to try to stop him from breaking in. He says "fine, you don't want to come out? I'm coming in!" He body slams the door. The second time he breaks the frame and I can see his crazy blue eyes in the mirror. He looks so angry like hes going to kill me. I push as hard as I can and eventually it closes.

I thought he was just going to break the door down around me so i just moved out of the way. He must've run and jumped cuz he flew through the doorway. Knocked the door off the hinges and everything. I ran. I guess the others didn't think i was going to get away cuz they were just sitting there waiting when i ran by. I made it out the front door then just as I stepped off the porch one of them grabbed my waste. He took my arms and crossed them so I couldn't hit him. I was trying so hard to get him off of me. Then another guy comes out to help him. He tries to grab my legs but I keep kicking him.

A third guy comes out. He is freaked out cuz we are making a scene. (we were in a residential neighborhood) He tells them to shut me up but they can't cuz I won't stop moving. Finally the third guy is like "What if somebody looks out the window and sees the three of us trying to drag her in the house kicking and screaming? what if someone already called the cops? She's been screaming her head off for like a half an hr!" The guy that has me from behind is like "what if we let her go and she goes straight to the cops?" The third guy is like "shes so f*cked up she probably won't even remember this tomorrow... and even if she does, she has no idea where in the world she is. By the time she gets home or to a store she probably won't remember how to get back here."

So they let me go and i got the f*** out of there.

I couldn't really remember what they looked like or what they were wearing or where the house was...thats y i didn't call the police. I mean, i remember little things but not enough to pick them out in a line up.
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God is always there to help you heal(: Turn to him when memories come back! That is an amazing story! But even if you can't remember much, you should still tell the police. They have amazing ways of finding criminals! Don't let those guys get away without a fight!

it sounds fake to me.sorry if im wrong

Thats nice. At 1st it kinda made me mad...but then I thought, how should you know? Maybe nothing like that ever happened to you. In any case, its not a if you don't want to believe me. Don't.

yeah and me, it just doesn't make sense.

I'm glad you got away, this the first story I read where the incident didn't end in tragedy. I wish more had endings like this :(. I hope the Sons of B's gets what's coming to them!

Thanks :-)

As a young boy I got away myself......Good job

Thank you! If you feel like sharing...I'd be interested in reading you story about how you got away. Have you posted it?

No I have not but maybe I should

you should. I'd def read it :-) i always love a happy ending

I do not have time to do it today and I got to put it all together again......But I will work on it

kk :-)

Big day today on the go all day fell asleep thying to watch the news it is now almost 3 AM....May not get to doing this untill after the first of the year....Stay in touch...You doing OK?

yes, i am better today. Thank you :-) oh, and you don't have to rush yourself. I will be happy to read the story whenever its ready

Thanks....If you need to talk I am here (sometimes)

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I'm very happy you got away from that situation. They need to be taught a lesson. You DON'T treat others like that EVER

Thanks :-)

Damn what a horrible experience - i hope you are alright after this

I am just thankful I got away :-)

it is a pity thisd horrible peoples very clever

they drug you so you not understand in belgium also dirty man mazde this

did police catch the man

i didn't remember what they looked like so the police couldn't really help me. I mean i remember a little but not any little details.