I Love My Sister

Yes, i do. I was in my room, when i heard the backyard door opening. I disregarded, as my neighbor's kid comes in as she pleases to play. I kept hearing someone walking around, and I started to wander, because my neighbor's child knows the yard top to bottom, and wouldn't have to wander. My little sister, Cailee, (not her real name) was out in the living room mopping the floor, and my parents were at work. Everything happened so fast, and all of a sudden i was out the window and in some guy's van. he threw me onto the floor, and told me if i screamed he would kill me. But, as we started to drive off, i saw my sister open the door, put her phone in her pocket, and she started to run. (she's a track runner in middle school so she's pretty fast) She usually takes a jog after she mops the floor, but this time she wasn't jogging. she was actually RUNNING. Running after the van. we got out of the neighborhood, went a few blocks, and she was still running. i don't know how she did it. but she followed us until we got to a strange neighborhood that i didn't recognize. He bound my hands and yanked me out of the van. But my sister was standing right there, and he looked startled. then he reached out a hand to knock her out, but my sister kicked him in the gut. she banged his head against the truck door while he was doubled over in pain, then she kicked him in the nuts. (she knows how to fight pretty well) while he was lying down, she untied me and made me keep him sill. then she found duct tape in his van, and bound his hands together. I'm 18, so i could drive. I drove us back home in his van, and when we got home, we were still a little shaken up, but then i hugged her, and kissed her, and we must've sat there hugging each other for a long time. The memory is still glued into my mind, but i'm starting to recover. it was very scary, but i'm glad i had my sister there to protect me.
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