A Luckey One

Before i tell you anything i am just going to say that i consider myself an extremely, extremely luckey girl.
Anyway the story starts with me and some of my friends going to a party. I was 14 at the time and was farley innocent, i knew there was going to be alcohol but i was definitley NOT going to drink any. it was maybe 6:00pm and we were walking there so we didn't know how we were going to get home. I don't remember much from then but there was lots of music and drunken people. When i was getting about ready to leave (though i didnt know how the hell i was getting home) this guy came up to me and asked if i wanted a lift home. I was smart enough to say no, the guy looked like he was about 16 or 17 and he was a bit drunk. I decided that i would just have to walk home, even though it was very late and i lived more than 4km away. So i started to walk, it was when i was half way home when i came past that guys house. If only he hadn't been outside at the time! anyway i walked past and i saw that he was smiling. He started yelling, no to me though, too someone in the house.i can't remember exactly but he said something like
"Look guys its that hot chick from the party!"
At this point i am speed walking past. But it was too late, his friends had come outside and they were jeering and laughing.
"come on baby my parents arent home, what do you say we have some fun?" they kept on saying stuff like that. I thought i had made it safely past the house...boy was i really wrong. I heard them all agreeing on something, then the next thing i knew they came up from behind me. One of them grabbed me around the waste and covered my mouth, another caught my arms and the other lifted my legs. Geez i struggled and screamed, but it was no good, 3 16-17 year old guys against one small-for-her-age girl. they ended up dragging me into the house though it took quite a while. One of the boys whispered in my ear that if i screamed, he would bash the **** out of me. I nodded and they let go of me completely. I was too scared to scream or run away. They pushed my into the living room where there was a luxury couch. One of the guys chucked me on it and then jumped ontop of me. Now my fear suddenley burst out and i started to scream and hit and kick him. he called me a stupid ***** and punched me in the tummy. This wiinded me but i still managed to make some sort of sound.
"Oi! dude go get some duct tape or something to shut her up!" the guy ontop of me yelled to the other guys. one of them ran out. I started yelling "No, no, no!" but the guy was back and he tossed a role of duct tape to the guy ontop of me. he roled literally half of the role around my head. It was pretty much impossible for me to make a sound now. The guy who was lying ontop of me started to kiss my face and my neck, feeling up my shirt. He sat up and said "now lets see what sweet surprises are under here" and he began to lift my shirt over my head. I was struggling again but he got the shirt off. Then he started feeling my tummy and t*** over my bra. I was crying, i knew what was going to happen next. Then i heard a car pulling up into the drive way, the guys were obviously too drunk to notice much but my half naked body because they didn't seem bothered. unless it was more of his friends, i thought, but i couldn't afford to think that for much longer. Then i heard the voice of a woman.
"Jeremy, we are home early!" It was his parents! i was saved! but the funny thing was the look on the guys faces. They were hysterical. they started swearing and saying other stuff. But then Jeremy suggested smuggling me out the back door. They pickd me up but i wasn't going to let this happen. I started screaming and hitting and squirming for all i was worth. i heard Jermeys parents saying "What is going on in there Jeremy" then they came into the lounge room. The three guys dropped me and i fell on the floor, it hurt but i was too releived to notice.
"WHAT THE HELL ARE YOU DOING!!!!!!" jeremeys father screamed. Jeremys mother dragged me away from the boys and started taking off the duct tape whilst his father was screaming at them and hitting them on the head.

A year and a half later and i am as happy as ever. I am just glad that i didn't get raped. just think if Jeremeys parents didn't come home early, i would have been raped...it is a terrible thought. Thank you for reading my experience :)
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5 Responses Sep 24, 2012

What happened after they found you?

I am so grateful for you that the parents came in early!

Stay strong(:

That is horrible!

Wow. i am so glad you got away. You are lucky!

Wow, that's terrible! And that is why is despise the use of drugs. Nothing good comes from them. Im just glad to know you're alright.

It was quite an ordeal. Thank you for your nice words :)