Attempted Abduction

I moved to the city for school and was really getting used to the city life, I decided to stay in the city for the summer and do a few courses to lighten my course load the following year. I decided not to live with people I knew anymore so I moved close to school and work in a house where we all rented a room. I was really fortunate and rented the master bedroom with an ensuite bathroom so I had alot of privacy. I was a student so I walked and bussed everywhere. I always saw this one jeep that would drive by everyday and I assumed it was my neighbor I thought he was checking me out but I did not pay to much attention to it. One Sunday morning about 3 weeks after I had moved in I was walking to work for my 7AM shift. Usually I rollerblade to work but I felt off and that I should probably walk. I wasn't sick but I felt unusually off. As I was walking I saw the same jeep drive by the driver turned completely around and stared at me as he drove by, again I recall now that I just brushed it off and thought wow buddy way to make it obvious. I proceeded down my street and decided to call the bus stop to see if my bus was coming soon or if I should just walk, as I was doing this the jeep drove by again, I continued walking, it proceeded to drive by a third time (if im being honest I really didn't assume anything was wrong there has been more than one occasion where I have forgotten something at home and had to turn around to get it) I thought the jeep pulled into the gas station at the end of the road. I kept on walking. Beside the sidewalk there are tall bushes that act as a fence to someones yard, as I neared the end of the bushes I saw everything all at once, the jeep had actually pulled into a side road and was parked on a 90 degree angle on the grass beside a tree with the driver sitting in his seat watching, from behind the bushes a man came toward me and was waiving a cell phone in his hand above his head to distract me... I instinctively moved away from his towards to road when he jumped at me and grabbed both of my shoulders, I kept thinking omg omg omg and I remember saying it out loud, this part is still a bit of a fog in my memory as I feel like I was watching it happening from an out of body experience for about 5 minutes he aggressively pulled me towards his jeep and I struggled and yelled stop frantically I stared at his eyes without blinking as he was trying to pull me in, he kept telling me to shut up, I remember the driver getting ready to come and help his partner as I was putting up quite the struggle, Since I was holding on to his gaze I didn't see him with the knife in his hand, nor did I feel it cut my hand during the struggle, luckily as the driver was about to get out a passer by turned down the road, he swerved his car and honked his horn at us and the man then threw me to the ground and ran for the passenger door, I remember seeing his calf muscles as he was running and I saw the jeep make a massive u-turn, I can still hear the screeching of their tires and can recall the smell of burning rubber on the pavement. The passerby jumped from his car and asked me if I was okay, I remember going into shock and could not feel anything, the police arrived shortly after and luckily I was not physically injured. They took my statement and I was held at the crime scene for about hours as different detectives and investigators came. The men were never caught and I moved shortly after.

Has anything like this ever happened to anyone else?
amymaybe amymaybe
Nov 27, 2012