This Is How I Got Away.

I had been in that horrible place for about 10 months. I still was raped and beaten almost everyday. I still had no idea were I was but the man (my new 'father') took me out sometimes. The day I escaped he told me to put on a dress (he picked out my outfits almost everyday, always dresses) and pumps. When we got to the cafe he ordered a coffee for himself and a latte for me. We sat in silence for about half an hour while he read the paper and I looked at my coffee. Suddenly he stood up an announced that he was going to the toilet and that I better behave while he was away, I nodded my head and watched as he went to the bathroom. I remember staring at the door for a few minutes debating whether or not to leave, I mean look what they did to me for getting up to early never mind if I tried to escape.
The thing that made me get up was seeing my mother again. I remember standing up as if something was about to explode and then I charged through the door and into the street. I ran down the streets in the city for what felt like hours but what was probably only minutes. Eventually I was so tired I couldn't run anymore, I collapsed against the wall to catch my breath.
(I'm going to write this part from my point of view)
I was sweating all over because of both the roaring sun and the run I had just done. I shut my eyes tight and tried to wrap my head around what I had just done.
'Are you okay?' a male voice asked
I screamed and threw myself to the ground but then I realized it wasn't him. I quickly jumped up and looked into the young mans concerned eyes
'Where's the nearest police station?' I asked in a hurry looking all around me frantically
'Two blocks down are-'
Before he could finish his sentence I continued sprinting down the street until my eyes were set on the most beautiful sight I've ever seen. I collapsed through the doors into the cool air conditioned area and I yelled
'Help me please! I was kidnapped and the man is coming after me!'

After this happened I got home the next day to my family. The men who kidnapped me weren't put in jail until a few months ago, it was the best day of my life. I'm completely safe now and I couldn't be happier. It was a terrifying experience but it's over now and that's all that matters (: Life goes on.
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You are very brave!! If that were me i could totally not be able to do what you did! You rock girl.............keep goining. God bless you

Thank you :) I intent on doing just that :)

Life touching -action- (crying) D-:

I am SO Proud !!